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Website Festival - konkurs na najlepsze witryny

Website Festival - konkurs na najlepsze witryny

Od czwartku można zgłaszać polskojęzyczne witryny internetowe do konkursu Website Festival, zorganizowanego przez TP SA i jej spółkę zależną TP Internet

Privacy protection

Privacy protection of users of the internet services of Agora S.A. (including the portal of and the website of is very important for us. That is why, we are publishing a document which explains the rules and the manner of collecting, processing and using the information about users of the internet services of Agora S.A.

A rundown of the EMF's expo

Already in our third year, the expo part of the European Music Fair is growing and includes a wide variety of Poland's businesses from all around the music industry.

[iLab patronuje] LEARN DO SHARE - przyjdź i naucz się tworzyć mocne historie

[iLab patronuje] LEARN DO SHARE - przyjdź i naucz się tworzyć mocne historie

; przez PBS/POV website.  TIM FRANCIS - Associate Programme Specialist w departamencie Komunikacji i Informacji UNESCO. Koordynował pracami nad kampanią #Unite4Heritage dla UNESCO, której celem było zaangażowanie młodych ludzi w dwustronną dyskusję nad wartością dziedzictwa kulturowego i kulturowej

A Monument of Holy Gratitude

Kaczyński. The most important reason for awarding Czabański, according to Sakiewicz, was the fact that, during his tenure, 'people who had until then had trouble getting through with their views in the media, were given a voice' (from the website of the trade magazine Press ). Among those given a voice was

Let's Open the Door for the Ukrainians

for half a year now about the organised crime groups offering visa assistance, about shocking scenes in front of the consulate, about hackers blocking the consulate's website, where you can obtain the waiting ticket. The previous cabinet pledged to do something about it. It extended the consulate's

Hackers Black Market: Selling System Flaws And Fixes To The Highest Bidder

on conversations. The British government has announced that it would limit the sale of Finfisher, but that it wouldn't ban it. There is also a firm in Italy called the Hacking Team. But the most famous European company is Vupen.  On its official website, Vupen claims that it doesn't sell its

Katyn Victims Near Kharkov Covered with Lime

The letter was top secret - 'restricted delivery.' It has recently been posted on the Security Service of Ukraine's (SBU) official website alongside other documents relating to the Katyn massacre found by the agency in the post-Soviet archives. Unlike the Russians, the Ukrainians publish all

Regulations of the photography contest - "Discover Europe 2009"

Contest is through logging onto the website, filling out an application form, accepting the Contest participation requirements and sending photographs in minimum 5 mega pixels-resolution. 3.5. Each participant can submit up to three photographs which comply with the participation

What a Beautiful Provocation

What a Beautiful Provocation

But in reality there was no sequence and no anti-Russian conspiracy. Poland sold 100 Grom missiles legally to Georgia. The transaction is listed on the UN website for arms trade control, and had been approved by the Polish Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Economics. Any sovereign state not

Keeping up to date with Financial English vocabulary

important words in your own language, and think about whether you could express the same ideas in English. If not, add them to your list. A couple of years ago, one of my duties was to write Financial English Jargon Busters for a business English website. A Jargon Buster is something that helps people break

Fair-Trade Smartphones For The Geek With A Conscience

Fair-Trade Smartphones For The Geek With A Conscience

that doesn't resemble the sort of place where iPhones are put together: huge factories where migrant workers work in shifts around the clock, far from home. Over 6000 customers have already registered for the first FairPhones via the group's website. The phones will be sold 300 euros. Mobile phone

When Egypt Deletes Women's Rights Heroines From School Textbooks

When Egypt Deletes Women's Rights Heroines From School Textbooks

Harassmap, an organization and website created by activists to shed light on the prevalence of sexual harassment. "Don't Label Me" "The first campaignwe launched under Noon El Neswa was called Graffiti Haremi (Women's Graffiti)," says Thomas

'Polish Camps' in Polish Court

'Polish Camps' in Polish Court

big money.' The Die Welt editor in chief apologised for a 'phrase that slanders Poland' and the text of the report on the daily's website was corrected. The Foreign Ministry lawsuit hasn't been heard of since. Instead, a personal rights protection lawsuit was filed by the grandson of a Stutthof

Just Write the Truth, Emil

Just Write the Truth, Emil

website, Melka already apologises and regrets. He says his words sprang from a 'sense of powerlessness'. But there is also an optimistic accent to the sad story. There are people in the judiciary who are disgusted with the Byzantine relations streaked with falseness and deceit. People who oppose the

Big Brother - Now With Added Intelligence

not allowed to use -- and what isn't. A video on the company website says that AISight allows "the computer to do the watching, the learning, and yes, also the thinking." "But if in the course of operations a system learns new things, then as technician I no longer have it under control

PO Pledges Online Voting Within a Year

it', said Zbigniew Chlebowski, the PO caucus leader. And Mr Dzikowski adds jokingly, 'It recently turned out that internet users sympathising with the PiS and the LPR are also very efficient. Do you remember how many people voted against the Lisbon treaty on our website?'. Will the other parties

Ujazdowski o potrzebie hierarchii w kanonie lektur

. Ujazdowski. 5.06.2007. źródło: strona www ministerstwa kultury ( )

Mr Obama, Don't Drop the Shield!

Mr Obama, Don't Drop the Shield!

own position can cause our Russian partners to really talk to us,' wrote Lech Kaczyński in a statement published on his official website yesterday. 'The issue of the planned missile defence installations in Central Europe is important because of America's credibility as a global superpower and an ally

Taliban Launch Propaganda Attack Against Poles

the US Army commander of Region East, where Ghazni province is located. 'This propaganda is an element of the war the taliban are fighting, no less important than the actual combat operations. Our own statistics are available on the coalition's official website. We also inform the Afghanis via their

Egzamin gimnazjalny 2009 - język angielski odpowiedzi

cheaper season ticket? Zadanie 10. 10.1. C - where to find a place to stay. 10.2. B - in a national park. 10.3. C - can save some money 10.4. B - on a website. Zadanie 11. 11.1. A - to ask for information 11.2. D - to invite somebody 11.3. B - to give advice Zadanie 12. 12.1. 2,500 shoes are nacessary to

Experts in Self-Review

Accreo Taxand, tells Gazeta. We have checked one of the lists of review committee members posted on the Ministry of Regional Development's website. Out of the more than sixty persons on the list, more than twenty had ties to consulting firms. 'The scale of the problem is vast', warns Jerzy Kwieciński


17:00 - 19:00 - opening of an exhibition in Humanistic Centre of University of Warmia and Mazury. Open till 9th of April. 8 April 2009 - Jury meeting and voting, concert 9 April 2009 - Local Final of Discover Europe in Olsztyn- results accessible on the ESN Olsztyn website 20:00 - Final Party May

100 tys. chorych na świńską grypę w Wielkiej Brytanii

- zniknął z aptek i wydawany jest ponad 400 osobom dziennie za pośrednictwem centrum dystrybucji, którego adres jest tajny. Choć paniki nie ma, Brytyjczycy żyją wiadomościami o świńskiej grypie. Kiedy w zeszły czwartek rząd uruchomił stronę internetową poświęconą epidemii - The National Flu Pandemic Website broni się przed bankructwem

przybycie w ostatniej chwili "białego rycerza" - innej spółki, która wchodząc np. w kapitałowy związek z Letsbuyit uratuje firmę od upadku. W tej roli wymieniane są norweska spółka Website CoShopper i francuska Obecnie na swej witrynie Letsbuyit informuje klientów, że

Gazeta Proposes a 'Dad's Return' National Therapy

counting on your participation, dear readers. has launched a dedicated website. Email us at Who talked to you about things like being in love when you were a child? (percentage of replies

Zrobić "D.O.M.E.K." dla dorosłych

Beata Kęczkowska: Wasza dobra passa trwa: książki, przekłady, nagrody... Daniel Mizieliński: To dobry rok również ze względu na prestiżowe, międzynarodowe nagrody za projektowane przez nas strony internetowe, Favorite Website Awards za i za i European Design

They Love North Korea in the Village of Kleczanów

Kleczanów is a prosperous village in Obrazów commune, Sandomierz county, south-east Poland. Famous for its fertile soils and orchards. It also has a website (, where dozens of photos from meetings with Korean people are featured. I am reminded of how, during my studies at the

Polska a GMO - II depesza ambasady USA 2006 r.

Biotechnology Students is well organized. They have a few hundred members, a website, and plans for a national conference in the fall. Strzalka asked if the U.S. could help to provide speakers for the conference, and for a Polish National Biotech Conference that will take place in April 2007. 12. (SBU) At the

Who will play at Music Fair? List of artists

financial contribution at the end of October 2010 as an LP entitled "The Ploy". The album can be download for free from the band website. Polish Alternative Stage, Dramatyczny Theater, Sunday, 27th November, 4 pm Trebunie Tutki is a famous musical family who has performed for generations in, czyli trudny los polskiej firmy internetowej

, która zapełni lukę - wspomina Sobieraj, obecnie prezes i udziałowiec (40 proc. akcji) serwisu finansowego Półtora roku później, w kwietniu 2001 r., jego serwis zdobył Złotą Witrynę - nagrodę w dużym konkursie polskich witryn internetowych Website Festival. Wciąż nie może jednak zdobyć


28 April 2010 its contents were officially made public on the website of the Russian State Archives Service (rusarchives.ru1). The file contained the following historical documents: Mr Beria's note of 5 March 1940, the Politburo's decision of the same date, the pages removed from the minutes of the


Serwis internetowy (witryna internetowa; ang. website) - rodzaj serwisu informacyjnego, dla którego nośnikiem jest Internet. Serwisy poza treścią statyczną mają często sekcję wiadomości, oraz możliwość logowania się i zapamiętywania preferencji odbiorców w celu dostosowania treści do indywidualnych upodobań.
W serwisie mogą występować obiekty interaktywne np. formularze, przyciski.Serwisy mogą

więcej o website na