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Blair for Brown-Tusk Breakfast

Blair for Brown-Tusk Breakfast

The British prime minister arrives in Warsaw today. One of the purposes of his visit is to convince Donald Tusk to support Tony Blair for the president of the EU Council.

Missile Shield Still in the Game

US Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Fried arrives in Warsaw today. His talks with Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski can have important significance for the future of the US anti-missile defence in Poland, Gazeta has learned.

Lavrov Visit: Warsaw Bracing Itself for a Firm Talk

Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, arrives in Warsaw a week from today. 'A firm position towards Russia doesn't have to mean isolation', Prime Minister Donald Tusk said yesterday.

Polish ways. Where the residents of large cities come from

Polish ways. Where the residents of large cities come from

No news outlet in Poland has ever presented such a detailed report about urban residents. The most diverse Polish city in terms of where its residents come from is Warsaw. Most of the people who moved to the Polish capital come from three voivodeships: Mazowieckie, Lodzkie and Swietokrzyskie

Nangar Khel Comes Up

Nangar Khel Comes Up

by five judges (three professional ones and two jurors, plus two reserve judges). 'There is nothing to prevent this trial from beginning,' Lt Col Korkus said yesterday. The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Warsaw has confirmed the receipt of notifications for the injured parties

Kosovo and the Polish Diplomatic Embarrassment

It took the government a week to decide that it was the cabinet, after all, that had the decisive say on the issue and that Poland's partners from the US and the EU expected it to recognise Kosovo's independence. At that point, both the coalition and the opposition woke up: how to do it without alie

Twitter diplomacy vizualized. Will Donald Trump turn it upside down?

Twitter diplomacy vizualized. Will Donald Trump turn it upside down?

followers) responded on June 14, 2014 , to the publications of the transcripts of conversations by PO politicians secret recorded by waiters at one Warsaw restaurant. Today, Tusk has another account as the president of the European Commission. He was using his private account, when he tweeted just before

Anti-missile Shield: Gov't Stakes Everything on One Card

Anti-missile Shield: Gov't Stakes Everything on One Card

whether the Polish armed forces wouldn't be better equipped and more efficient today if back in 2003, before agreeing for Poland to join the Iraqi coalition, Prime Minister Leszek Miller and President Aleksander Kwaśniewski had demanded something in return? Warsaw shouldn't make the same mistake again.

?Tu jest Polska" - ogromny marsz KOD i opozycji. Być może nawet ćwierć miliona osób

?Tu jest Polska" - ogromny marsz KOD i opozycji. Być może nawet ćwierć miliona osób

@MlodziDemokraci pic.twitter.com/bksyyWzHBJ— SMD Warszawa (@SMDWarszawa) May 7, 2016 #Marsz7maja @Kom_Obr_Dem @krytyka @KPH_official @lambda_warszawa @FabrykaRownosci #demokracja #rownosc #tolerancja pic.twitter.com/7K6lo7mfJr— Agnieszka Wiśniewska (@WashaAgnes) May 7, 2016 The sunny side of Warsaw

Indie Artists at the European Music Fair

Indie Artists at the European Music Fair

music. Today, the most important format for music is the mp3 and the classical forms of promotion and distribution are becoming less important. These days, anyone can promote and release music. This means that the 'indie' scene has started to grow. The dream of a contract with a major label or

Honorary Citizen Meets Professor Kaczyński

Honorary Citizen Meets Professor Kaczyński

Chinese? 'The original text message was a mistake,' said Mr Kownacki, whom Gazeta talked to during the meeting. ''The President decided only today to go forward with the meeting. He indeed wanted to avoid diplomatic friction and putting Polish interests at risk. A letter I received forty minutes ago from

Madonna dziś odwiedzi Auschwitz

Madonna dziś odwiedzi Auschwitz

Na terenie obozu Madonna miała pojawić się ok. 14.00 - podały TVN24, RMF FM i PAP. "I'm headed to Auchwitz today.. I could not go to Poland and not find my way there.. Tonight I'll be in Warsaw" - napisał na Twitterze ok. 10.30 Guy Oseary, menadżer piosenkarki. Przed godziną 13. w

Music Conference Panels

records. Sala Sienkiewicza, Saturday, 26th November, 12pm We're listening to more and more, but paying less and less. The approach that meant cataclysmic consequences for large record labels years ago is today our everyday reality. Artists themselves are sharing their own music online, and days before an

A Solidarity Monument in Berlin?

A Solidarity Monument in Berlin?

darling. Today, Polish and German diplomats believe the case could be moved forward. And time is pressing because the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall is just half a year away. The idea of commemorating Solidarity in Berlin raises no controversy in Germany. It was supported in comments for Gazeta

The Pension System in Ruins? Will They Let Us Withdraw Our OFE Billions?

collapse'. The cause of all this confusion is Adam Mielczarek, a 32-year-old from Warsaw. For nine years now, against the law, he has refused to join any open pension fund. He has also gone to the courts, asking whether the government can force citizens to save in the OFEs against their will. Today's

Uprising Anniversary Duly Celebrated

Uprising Anniversary Duly Celebrated

Maklakiewicz. 'The 1944 uprising is a myth today. Why? Because it has lived up to the role of a myth. Because the heroism of the Uprising soldiers finds an expression in this myth,' argued the president. And Gen Zbigniew 'Motyl' Ścibor Rylski, head of the Association of Warsaw Uprising Soldiers, added, 'The

Consumer Debt Default on the Rise

Consumer Debt Default on the Rise

monthly instalments have risen at an alarming pace: from an initial PLN 778 to PLN 894 today', Mr Marian from Warsaw told Gazeta. Bankers reassure that, according to the report, the default rate is the highest in cash loans, where it's approximately at 10 percent. As far as mortgage loans are concerned

Kosovo and the Polish Question

Kosovo and the Polish Question

Poland's relations with Tbilisi that Warsaw recognises Kosovo's independence a week or even two later? But if this is to improve the quality of the cohabitation between the President and the Prime Minister, then why not. There will be more pretexts such as this one to show that the President matters. The

Dalai Lama: Poles Can Do a Lot for Tibet's Autonomy

Dalai Lama: Poles Can Do a Lot for Tibet's Autonomy

audience of 5,000 at the Torwar sports/concert hall in Warsaw. He leaves Poland today. Warsaw Without a Free Tibet Roundabout Despite the efforts of PiS and SdPL councillors, the Warsaw Municipal Council failed yesterday to pass a decision naming one of the city's roundabouts the Free Tibet Roundabout. The

Unfreezing Moscow

There has long been no such move in Polish-Russian relations, even though no breakthrough has been achieved in the Katyn debate and the Russians remain deaf to Poland's objections against the Russo-German Nord Stream pipeline. But in other matters Warsaw and Moscow are finally starting to talk like

Poland Expecting Merkel, Putin, Kouchner, Miliband

Poland Expecting Merkel, Putin, Kouchner, Miliband

, which were Poland's allies in 1939, will be represented by foreign ministers Bernard Kouchner and David Miliband. In all, Warsaw is expecting the arrival of 14 prime ministers and 7 foreign ministers. 'Three major anniversary events take place in Europe this year: the anniversaries of 1 September 1939

Haemophiliacs Vs. Poland

Haemophiliacs Vs. Poland

haemorrhage, which often leads to disability. The first hearing in the haemophiliacs' case against Poland will take place in Warsaw today. 'I represent 215 persons who had contracted hepatitis C through blood medications', said counsel Małgorzata Szczypińska-Kozioł. 'I want Poland, like 21 other states so far

A Polish Jewess returns home

A Polish Jewess returns home

; cows walk on the cemetery and shit between the tombstones. And she asked why it must be so. And why trees grow in the synagogue. Everyone gave some money. Enough to put a fence around the cemetery and to bring some order to the synagogue. Today, the synagogue has a roof and the cemetery is fenced. That

In Homage to Irina Kazulina

rigged presidential elections. And I saw her when she came to Warsaw a year ago to ask for help for her husband, who suffered greatly in prison, trying to recover all by himself, without any medical support, which had been refused him, after a fifty-three-day hunger strike. Hunger was gnawing at

Family Scenes from the Uprising

clientele of the summer resorts stretching alongside the Warsaw-Otwock railway. And finally scenes from the Warsaw Uprising. They are drastic. We watch the tenement house at 41 Dolna street in Mokotów, torn in half by a bomb or a heavy mortar shell. One of the walls has collapsed. The wooden ceilings have

An Irishman Who Wants to Overturn Lisbon in Poland

, but an opponent of the Lisbon treaty, which, he said, gave Brussels too much power. The strategy proved unbeatable. As a result, the cabinet of Brian Cowen lost the 12 June referendum and Europe faces a big problem today. The Irish have rejected a treaty that was to make the EU's stronger and more

Warsaw Wants More EU Defence Policy, Sikorski Tells Kouchner

Chobielin near Bydgoszcz in northern Poland, and then officially on Monday in Ożarów near Warsaw at an annual conference of Polish ambassadors. During their dinner in Chobielin, Mr Sikorski presented Mr Kouchner with what is now an unofficial document on the strengthening of the EU's defence policy. 'It

What Washington Wants From Moscow in Exchange for Missile Defence

Dmitri Babich, a Moscow expert, tells Gazeta, 'Washington clearly overestimates our pull in Iran. In reality it's not so great.' Three options are being seriously considered in Washington today: 1. Washington and Moscow end Iran's nuclear ambitions, the US shelves the missile defence project in Europe; 2

Mr Sikorski's Diplomacy: the Plans Unveiled, We're Waiting for the Effects

cuts, the middle-aged, most promising generation of diplomatic personnel is gone. Instead, Poland has ambassadors today, even in important European countries, who don't speak fluent English. Mr Sikorski has therefore set himself some very ambitious targets. If he meets them, he'll be remembered not

Privatisation Plan Collapsing

Mr Grad's privatisation plan was to be discussed by the cabinet today. But it won't be. 'The Council of Ministers' Permanent Committee has asked for legal opinions concerning the planned sale of certain companies,' Treasury spokesperson Maciej Wewiór told Gazeta last night. The prime minister said

Program Agenda

exhibitions available until 21:00 March 20 Friday 11:00 DIGITAL DEMOCRACY: THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN AND BEYOND How are Americans using new media technologies for social activism today? Moderator: Candace Faber, Deputy Cultural Attache, U.S. Embassy Joe Rospars, New Media

Central European Leaders Call Obama Not to Check Region Off

undergoing its most severe test ever today. 'As the new Obama Administration sets its foreign-policy priorities,' we read in the letter, 'our region is one part of the world that Americans have largely stopped worrying about. Indeed, at times we have the impression that U.S. policy was so successful [here

Who and How Celebrated 3 May

'I will do everything I can for the country to follow on the democratic path. For the Polish state to be strong, able to protect the weak, to treat its citizens equally. For honesty to prevail, not cynicism or villainy', president Lech Kaczyński declared at the Royal Castle in Warsaw yesterday. He

Sikorski, Kwaśniewski and Russia

To make things clear, let me say that I think it would be great if the post ended up occupied by any of the Polish candidates. I consider Radek Sikorski to be the most talented Polish politician on the international scene today. Aleksander Kwaśniewski is a co-author of the Polish democracy's

Who will play at Music Fair? List of artists

like jazz? Baaba is for you. Do you like electronica? Baaba is for you. Do you like a band that's impossible to classify? Then Baaba really is for you. Warsaw Stage, Dramatyczny Theater, Friday, 25th November, 9.35 pm Bartosz Koziak is a master in every way: a winner of the Third International Witold

The True Story of the Bielski Brothers

of Poles. 'This movie will trigger off a national debate comparable to those provoked by Jan Tomasz Gross's books,' writes Tomasz Dostatni, a Dominican friar, on jewish.org.pl. Who is Tuvia Bielski? He was born in 1906 in a small village near Nowogrodek (today Navahrudak, Belarus) as the son of a

Mr Tusk's Eastern Partnership

, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, and, conditionally, Belarus, today ruled by an authoritarian regime. The document will not speak of a 'membership prospect' for these countries - there's no good mood for enlargement in Europe, so such a suggestion would ground the project before it even took off. Still

President and Cabinet Unanimous on Russia and Georgia Ahead of EU Summit

The president and the prime minister will meet in Warsaw today to align their positions for the emergency EU summit on the Russia-Georgia conflict, scheduled for Monday. They are likely to fly to Brussels aboard the same plane. Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of France, which holds the EU presidency

200 Angry Men. Debunking the Myth of a 'No-Go Zone' in Malmö

interwoven with squares, alleys, bicycle paths, schools, and shopping centers. Today they are inhabited by the city’s poorest residents. The war between local street gangs has led journalists from European and American right-wing media to make pilgrimages to Rosengård. From there they report on

Poles Swollen with Pride with Their Achievements

, the sense of 'success in life' or 'pride with personal achievements' was almost twice rarer than today. Over the last 20 years Poles have come to believe they are in charge of their lives, that it is one them that their success and prosperity depends. The attitude of 'I have achieved, I have succeeded

Three Days Left for the Shield

The negotiations are pending and president Lech Kaczyński is to meet the prime minister later today to discuss their progress. But, according to Mr Tusk's close aide, as of late yesterday the meeting still hadn't been confirmed. During the next three days Mr Tusk and Foreign Minister Radosław

Court Control Over Legal Interception Fictional, Inspection Finds

, would be one planed at a public hospital, an office, or a ministry to find out about possible corruption. Permission for such a tap is requested by the head of the given agency with the Prosecutor General. If the latter agrees, the request then goes to the District Court in Warsaw. Only the judge

Schengen: New Iron Curtain Rising

'This is threatening to create a new iron curtain', warns Grzegorz Gromadzki at the Batory (Soros) Foundation in Warsaw. The Foundation has carried out research to see how the Visegrad Group countries' visa policies have changed following their entrance to the Schengen zone. Poland has been in the

Mr Lavrov's Offer

Sergey Lavrov's visit to Warsaw is the first trip of a major Russian politician to an EU country following the Russia-Georgia war. It hung by the thread - in mid-August signals came from the Russian Foreign Ministry it might be cancelled to punish Poland for her support for Georgia. But Russia

Beautiful Yulia Saving the Euro

morning, I took a call from his spokesperson. He was out of breath and very agitated. 'We can't come. PM Tymoshenko is due here on Saturday. We are to talk about the Euro. We've been told today, there's a full-scale mobilisation in the city'. On Monday, Ms Tymoshenko spoke in Warsaw to Prime Minister

PiS Without Growth Potential, Poll Shows

disliked party in Poland and few respondents name it as their 'reserve' party. What is more, the PiS's negative electorate has been growing. Before the 2007 general elections, 34 percent of respondents (a CBOS poll) said they would not vote for the PiS in any case, today (the Gazeta poll) the proportion

SLD Finds Its Way Back to TVP

seemed a curious episode, today appears to be a stable construction. The prevailing opinion in the corridors of the sprawling complex at Woronicza Street in Warsaw is that the current management will remain in place for half a year and prepare ground for the institution's handover to a coalition of the

Papal Relics? No!

throughout the world. These are usually bone fragments', confirmed Archbishop Kazimierz Nycz, the Warsaw metropolitan. All clerics Gazeta talked to suggested that the most important relic would probably go to the Wawel cathedral in Cracow, due to the fact that at the moment of his election for pope in 1978

The Church's Sinful Secret

any of the boys. 'I didn't receive such orders from the Archbishop', says Bishop Stefanek, today the bishop of Łomża. Embittered, the tutors asked two monks for help. Bishop Stefanek's superior, Archbishop Marian Przykucki, received them. 'He told us he was sorry about the matter and would help to

Big Brains from Europe Coming

Street Journal. Today he is a top expert on innovation and human capital. Founder of the Lisbon Council, which promotes European competitiveness. All these 'wise men' will meet in Warsaw on 27-28 May. The next meeting will probably take place in the autumn. In early 2010, they will present their first

From Poor Policies to Bad Geopolitics

became a European democracy, a member of the euroatlantic security system, a country of good relations with all of its neighbours. For the first time in its history. Poland also became a country that was respected by others and held up as a model to follow. Today, two years after Jarosław Kaczyński and

Patriot Games

The Pentagon didn't want to tie the missile shield talks to the issue of the Polish armed forces' modernisation. It believes the Polish demands are just a wild request programme, Gazeta's sources say. To make matters worse, Warsaw has been unable to logically justify its demands. 'The Poles have

Tusk: Find More Women

leader out of someone who isn't. This is creating women leaders in an artificial manner. I don't intend to cede my place to a woman only because she is a woman,' a member of the PO's decision-making body tells Gazeta. Outside Warsaw, the sentiment is the same. 'We can't use social engineering and break

Bring Them In: Poles Firmly for Gender Parity

the European Parliament does. And if we can't count on the EU for help, we'd like to see gender parity in the hope that women wouldn't be fighting for power in such shameful ways as men do,' comments social psychologist Janusz Czapiński. Women account for 20 percent of Sejm members today and for just

Polish Wrangle over Nato Head

offered our support, consultations would be carried out with two countries today, not just one', stressed Mr Sikorski, referring to Turkey. According to government sources, the instructions were for the president to stall for time so that Mr Rasmussen's candidature would not be agreed upon on the first

Tusk Tries to Integrate EU

The EU is in a dangerously straddled position today. Some member states - France, Italy - want to save their economies at others' expense. Paris, for instance, is planning to subsidise its car manufacturers, in return expecting them not to close down assembly plants in France; let they close those

Mr Tusk's Energy Pact

mechanisms. Today, one of the directives says that the EU has to react if 'significant supply disruptions' have occurred, that is, when over 20 percent of EU-wide gas supplies are under threat. Mr Tusk wants this definition to be amended so that the solidarity clause would be activated if over 50 percent of

Will Condoleeza Rice Stop Russia?

important articles in a Polish newspaper is a token of the evolution Poland has undergone. Warsaw is regarded by the US and Russia today as an important international player. If it were otherwise, such high-ranking figures wouldn't bother trying to win the Polish public opinion over for their arguments. In

Chasing Donald Tusk

then head of the government Tusk. It turns out, however, that the defendants did obtain such consent. Besides, the agreement never came into force as Warsaw no longer trusted the Russian partner in the wake of street revolution that broke out in Ukraine and was followed by Russian aggression. The

War of Nerves Over Lisbon Treaty

the party's higher echelons. But an extreme one'. The PSL, which has 5-percent support in the polls, hates the idea. In private, few deputies believe in the prospect of early elections. Sejm speaker Bronisław Komorowski said an amended referendum bill could be ready for voting as early as today. If

My Dear Gustaw

Corruption in the Palace of Justice , 'for an actor arriving to Warsaw from the provinces to win such an unanimous recognition from his first performance. Mr Holoubek won everyone over immediately. If an Oscar were awarded in Poland for best theatre acting performance, and if it were up to me, I wouldn't

The Coal Mine. A Cemetery

educational project 'Szkoła z klasą' (School with Class), PO Box 36, 02-783 Warsaw 59, adding 'Solidarity with Donetsk' on the envelope. Polish Humanitarian Action has pledged to start a collection of money for the Donetsk families any day now. The Union of Ukrainians in Poland has also pledged to help. 'We

The Long Shadow of Calumny

; citizens swore (on their honour, as always) that he had stolen the Polish kings' crowns from the city of Vladimir. At the moment when Tukhachevsky's armies were advancing to the suburbs of Warsaw, the Polish public lent credence to claims that there was a secret telephone hotline between the Belvedere and

Obama's Moscow Visit as Seen from Warsaw

total flop, one that had an adverse effect on the subsequent years of his presidency. George W. Bush called Vladimir Putin his friend after first meeting him - and from there things only got worse. Barack Obama's Moscow visit ending today had fundamental significance for Poland. Obama emerged from it

Three Tasks for Buzek

this, but today we have a problem of reconciling ambitious climate policy goals with what is actually feasible. Thirdly, the EU's international presence. The parliament doesn't have too much power in this regard but in the past it did quite a lot to, for instance, promote the democratic model. All

Why Did Barbara Blida Die?

wife is the president of the District Court in Katowice. According to Kaczmarek, Święczkowski mentioned the fact during the meeting with the Prime Minister as a guarantee that the court would play along), and Grzegorz Ocieczek, then ABW vice-head, who came from Warsaw on the day of the arrest and was