Constitutional Tribunal on President-PM Competence Dispute

Constitutional Tribunal on President-PM Competence Dispute

This motion was unnecessary - that is how the president commented on the prime minister's motion, to be reviewed by the Constitutional Tribunal today, for clarifying the scopes of competence in foreign policy.

The Ombudsman of Truth and a Strong State?

Janusz Kochanowski, Poland's ombudsman, has attacked the Constitutional Tribunal. In a statement issued Monday, he claimed the Tribunal had overstepped its authority in its ruling on lustration and restricted the legislator's freedom. And yet, that is the Tribunal's reason of existence, isn't it?

The Abortion Debate - New Chapter

There are all indications to believe that the Constitutional Tribunal rules the regulation permitting abortion for health reasons unconstitutional. But that doesn't mean that the right to abortion will be restricted.

Never Again to Genocide Trials

In fact, we would be better off getting rid of genocide as a crime altogether. The legal concept of genocide is so incoherent, so harmful to the purposes that international law serves, that it would be better if we had never invented it. Karadžić's acquittal - precisely because he is still on trial

Investigating One's Own Case

Investigating One's Own Case

Whether the motions are actually put to a vote will be decided by Ludwik Dorn, the Sejm speaker and Ziobro's fellow party member. As long as Ziobro remains the prosecutor general, there is no chance for any of the charges against him to be impartially investigated. Ziobro has become a judge in his

Arab Justice for Arab Violence

Arab Justice for Arab Violence

, how great a commitment would be required, and how to ensure the least possible additional loss of life.One way to intervene with the aim of securing legitimacy and minimizing further bloodshed would be for the Arab League to establish a tribunal modeled on the International Criminal Court (ICC). Such

Lech Kaczyński Defending Germans Against Lisbon Treaty

Lech Kaczyński Defending Germans Against Lisbon Treaty

treaty right now. One is in the Federal Republic of Germany, where the German constitutional tribunal decides. The other is the Irish people,' the president said at an annual meeting with the diplomatic corps yesterday. 'If the Irish vote yes, and if the German constitutional tribunal votes in favour of

Autorka "Koloru purpury" krytykuje Izrael

Autorka "Koloru purpury" krytykuje Izrael

Akademickiego i Kulturalnego Bojkotu Izraela). Znana z aktywności politycznej pisarka wyjaśnia w nim przyczyny swojej odmowy: "Jak zapewne wiecie, ostatniej jesieni w Afryce Południowej zebrał się The Russell Tribunal on Palestine i ustalił, że Izrael jest winny segregacji rasowej i prześladowań wobec

It Is Not the Law's Role to Prosecute Views

It Is Not the Law's Role to Prosecute Views

The prosecutors' decision is bold. They could have waited until the constitutionality of the law in question was reviewed by the Constitutional Tribunal. Instead, they took on the burden of deciding on Mr Gross's book themselves. They decided that, in order to apply the defamation of the nation

Geje mogą adoptować dzieci z katolickiej agencji

Geje mogą adoptować dzieci z katolickiej agencji

złamała Europejską Konwencję Praw Człowieka. W czerwcu 2009 r. w pierwszej instancji niekorzystne orzeczenie przeciwko agencji wydał Charity Tribunal (organ quasi-sądowy orzekający w sprawach organizacji wyższej użyteczności publicznej). CC odwołała się do sądu, który w marcu tego roku przyznał jej prawo

PO to PiS: Let's Amend the Constitution

PO to PiS: Let's Amend the Constitution

members, that would map the areas requiring change before the presidential campaign starts (the elections are in autumn 2010). 'We are in the possession of an opinion drawn up by a team of constitutional experts led by Prof Marek Safjan, ex-chief justice of the Constitutional Tribunal', Mr Chlebowski told

The Crimes of Ratko Mladić

The Crimes of Ratko Mladić

crimes?Both questions reveal how much we still live in the shadow of the Nuremberg Tribunal, where the Nazi leaders were tried by an international judicial panel. It was believed, perhaps correctly, that the Germans would be incapable of trying their own former leaders. And the Nazi crimes had been so

Rasmussen and Polish Tabloid Politics

to the Nato summit all day yesterday. Mr Sikorski said on Radio ZET that the president's conduct at the summit was a 'wasted opportunity'. Asked whether Mr Kaczyński should be taken to the State Tribunal, as was suggested Sunday by Zbigniew Chlebowski, leader of the PO parliamentary caucus, Mr

Citizens in the CBA Net

Citizens in the CBA Net

should be reviewed by the Constitutional Tribunal. Before this happens, the ZUS-CBA link must remain inactive. Let the ZUS remain an institution of public confidence, beyond all suspicion. The right to privacy and protection of personal data is the very core of civil liberties. The state should guard

EU Summits Not For the President

EU Summits Not For the President

become official. The PO has consulted the draft with legal experts, including a former Constitutional Tribunal judge. 'The Constitution states that Poland's foreign policy is conducted by the cabinet, and also gives it "general authority in the field of relations with other countries and

Mr Szyszko, the Anti-Environmental Minister of the Environment

the EU tribunal', said Małgorzata Górska at the Polish Bird Protection Association (OTOP). Paweł Pawlaczyk, member of the National Board for Environmental Protection (PROP), said he had found a dozen revisions to the Nature 2000 network. Among the areas that have been excluded are, for instance


the Nuremberg Military Tribunal, the Soviet prosecutor cited the Burdenko commission's report in seeking to charge the German forces with the shooting of up to 11,000 Polish prisoners in the autumn of 1941. The charge was dismissed by the US and British judges for lack of evidence.20. On 3 March 1959

The Pension System in Ruins? Will They Let Us Withdraw Our OFE Billions?

The Pension System in Ruins? Will They Let Us Withdraw Our OFE Billions?

better than others. If the OFEs didn't exist, the whole contribution would be managed by the ZUS. 'The issue is so crucial that if the Supreme Court rules in Mr Mielczarek's favour, the government will likely go to the Constitutional Tribunal', said Prof Marek Safjan, former Tribunal Chief Judge. But an

South African Courts at Risk

South African Courts at Risk

subject themselves to a process that they no longer regard as credible.Other potential candidates believe that the currently vacant seat on the Constitutional Court has been earmarked for Ray Zondo, who, as acting judge, has already been sitting on the tribunal for an extended period.Recent JSC interviews

Katyn Like Chechnya?

Katyn Like Chechnya?

inhabitants of the Caucasian republic, unable to get any justice from Russian courts, have been filing one plaint after another with the tribunal in Strasbourg. Russia has been losing case after case and paying damages. Does Russia need this? No, it does not. The accusations will keep casting a shadow over

Fanning the Flames of Justice in Syria

Fanning the Flames of Justice in Syria

it might be a plausible first step at a time when few other options are available.Because Syria is not a party to the ICC, the only way to give the tribunal jurisdiction is through the Security Council's use of its enforcement authority to refer the situation of atrocity crimes in Syria, including

PiS to Submit Own Constitutional Amendments

regulations proposed by the PiS is an 'opening' on the legal corporations. 'Young lawyers are pressing us to amend the Article 17 par. 1 of the constitution, on the basis of which the Constitutional Tribunal revoked PiS-drafted amendments, passed by the previous parliament, opening access to the legal

Father, I Deserve an A!

Father, I Deserve an A!

Giertych spoils, the Constitutional Tribunal will redress. But why spoil again? translated by Marcin Wawrzyńczak

Endgame for Evo?

Bolivia's claims to Chilean territory that would give it an outlet to the sea, and a new electoral campaign, this time for judges.But the claim against Chile does not seem to have the same attraction that it had in the past, and the election of judges to the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Tribunal

Polish Wrangle over Nato Head

to the State Tribunal. It was a devastating blow to the cabinet's foreign policy'. The president was defended by his brother, Jarosław Kaczyński, the opposition leader: 'What we are seeing here is a nasty example of taking domestic disputes to the international level', he said, demanding that Mr

Poles Are Afraid of GMO Foods

principle working'. Minister Nowicki believes the poll's results strengthen his own position - not only in the cabinet, but also in talks with the European Commission. Poland and Brussels have been in a legal dispute over GMO for months. The Commission filed a lawsuit against Poland in the European Tribunal

South Sudan's Gathering Storm

This is the same Bashir who is currently charged with genocide by the International Criminal Court. And it is the same set of Sudanese officials who received plaudits from diplomats for the agreement that purported to end Sudan's two-decade North-South civil war, and for publicly committing to abide

Ombudsman to Join Katyn Claims in Strasbourg Court

Convention. In its background are the Polish Nation's extremely painful experiences related to the massacre of Polish officers carried out by the NKVD in Katyn in April 1940', write Ombudsman Janusz Kochanowski to the president of the Tribunal section that had agree to review the Polish claims. The claimants

Ladies and Gentlemen, Here's Dirt

time. When the PiS wanted to punish the Constitutional Tribunal judges for revoking the lustration bill, the loyal services found phoney incriminating evidence on them in the National Remembrance Institute archives overnight. In the PiS state, the prosecutors are loyal, the special services are loyal

Fast and Dead

sent the act to the Constitutional Tribunal on the grounds that it provides for immediate enforceability, but does not specify clearly enough the appeal procedure. The president also found too severe the provision allowing the police to auction the car of a driver who has failed to pay a ticket

We Need a New Plan for Poland

prosecutors - should be brought to court or the Constitutional Tribunal. Mr Kaczyński has lost. The people said: enough. Unlike ex-PM Jan Olszewski, he won't even be left with the false myth of a 'coup'. He has been ousted democratically. It is a humiliating lesson for him, he wanted these elections himself

What Has the PiS Government Given Us

mafia', but the only mafia that was discovered was the one in the heart of the PiS government. Instead of a crackdown on crime, we saw brutal tactics employed against court judges, the Constitutional Tribunal, and disobedient prosecutors. The war on corruption turned out to be a war against doctors, and

In Vitro Only for Married Couples?

revealed more often'. 'I agree that IVF should be available only for married couples', said Professor Andrzej Zoll, former Constitutional Tribunal Chief Justice, also a member of Mr Gowin's team. 'A child has the right to be raised in a family. This should be a lasting, and therefore formalised

Crawfishing on Lisbon

'. Will the PO be willing to vote in favour of something it deems unconstitutional? 'We have nothing against this bill being verified, after it's been passed, by the Constitutional Tribunal', Mr Gosiewski said. The PO's reaction so far has been that of surprise. 'I listened to Mr Gosiewski's speech

PiS Violently Refusing to Let Go

opponents and sparing the PiS's own people. Finally, the searching for dirt on everyone - even the Constitutional Tribunal judges - at night, in recesses between sessions. The PiS's government was a function of its leaders' obsessive faith in the power of the secret services and classified documents as

Shelving In Vitro

Commission notices that Poland is behind schedule in introducing the directives, it will refer the case to the European Tribunal of Justice. 'We are aware that, as far as IVF is concerned, we're behind schedule in many respects. We will do our best to fill these gaps as soon as possible', said Ewa

Good Times for Meanness

Constitutional Tribunal virtually destroyed the lustration bill drawn up by the PiS, thus confirming that Bronisław Geremek and others who refused to subordinate themselves to its regulations in an act of civil disobedience were right after all. My reply: I think the courts remain independent, something that is

Gazeta Replies PM Jarosław Kaczyński

be a streak of easy successes. Perhaps the government agencies would still be carrying out their witch-hunt against doctors and applying the unconstitutional lustration law that violates human and civic rights. A smear campaign would continue against the Constitutional Tribunal, the courts, and

Justice Minister: a Champion of Paedophile Castration

return, for instance, to the compulsory sterilisation of mentally ill patients, which was done in Sweden as recently as in the 1970s', said Marek Safjan, expert on bioethics, former Constitutional Tribunal Chief Justice. There are many regulations in the penal code that make it legal to compulsorily

Who's Going to Write the IVF Bill

of experts from various fields of science to draw up the IVF bill is unfortunate. It could at best design the main premises of such a bill, its main lines of reasoning', said Prof Andrzej Zoll, criminal law expert and former Constitutional Tribunal Chief Justice. 'The invitation didn't include

Poland to Allow Women to Work as Coal Miners

The employing of women as coal miners is prohibited by the 45th International Labour Organisation Convention from 1935. The reasons: high air pressure and constant threat to human life. In February 2005, however, the European Tribunal of Justice decided the convention was outdated and urged the

Parties Tightening Their Belts

parties (SLD, SdPL, PD, UP) - some PLN 2 million, the PSL - about PLN 1 million. But the president sent the bill to the Constitutional Tribunal for review. When and whether at all the subventions are reduced ultimately depends on the president's decision. But parties have already started looking for

Papal Relics? No!

Italian press, 'A relic will certainly be placed at the Wawel cathedral'. Bishop Tadeusz Pieronek, President of the John Paul II Beatification Tribunal, spoke openly a month ago about the idea of separating the pope's heart from his body and burying it at the Wawel cathedral. And only several weeks ago

Winning Poland Back

, as well as astonishing attacks on the independent courts which are accused of 'impossibilism'. Special prosecutor teams are set up reporting directly to the justice minister. The scandalous attempt to blackmail the Constitutional Tribunal after it ruled the PiS's radical lustration bill

Apel o uwolnienie Andrzeja Poczobuta

la democratie et de la loi en Biélorussie.Depuis le 6 avril notre correspondant attend son proces dans la maison d'arret de Grodno. Nous ne savons pas combien cela va durer puisque la date de la prémiere session du tribunal n'est pas encore fixée. Cela témoigne d'une

Walencja. Przepis na orszadę

półwyspu od VIII do połowy XIII w. Wtedy też - prawdopodobnie ok. 960 r. - powstał Tribunal de las Aguas, który rozstrzyga spory między rolnikami (kto piętrzy wodę na swoim polu, ogranicza do niej dostęp innym). Ośmiu sędziów wybieranych co dwa lata przez farmerów zbiera się wciąż co czwartek przed Puerta

Praying for Rain

parliamentary and presidential elections, Poland has become a different country. *** From a democratic republic - where all citizens had equal rights, where the courts and the Constitutional Tribunal were independent, where human rights and the presumption of innocence were respected, where the monopoly of the

Tribunal (metro w Madrycie)

Tribunal – stacja metra w Madrycie, na linii 1 i 10. Znajduje się w dzielnicy Centro, w Madrycie i zlokalizowana jest pomiędzy stacjami Bilbao a Gran Vía (linia 1) oraz Alonso Martínez i Plaza de Espa?a (linia 10). Została otwarta 17 października 1919.

Yves Bot

. Profesor nadzwyczajny na Wydziale Prawa w Mans (Université du Maine).Zajmował kolejno stanowiska: 1974-1982 - zastępca, następnie pierwszy zastępca w prokuraturze w Mans, 1982-1984 - prokurator Republiki w tribunal de grande instance w Dieppe, 1984-1986 - zastępca prokuratora Republiki w tribunal de

Gran Vía (stacja metra)

Gran Vía – stacja metra w Madrycie, na linii 1 i 5. Znajduje się w dzielnicy Centro, w Madrycie i zlokalizowana jest pomiędzy stacjami Tribunal, a Sol (linia 1) oraz Chueca i Callao (linia 5). Została otwarta 17 października 1919.

Alonso Martínez (stacja metra)

Alonso Martínez – stacja metra w Madrycie, na linii 4, 5 i 10. Znajduje się na granicy dzielnic Chamberí i Centro, w Madrycie i zlokalizowana jest pomiędzy stacjami Colón, Bilbao (linia 4), Rubén Darío, Chueca (linia 5) oraz Gregorio Mara?ón i Tribunal. Została otwarta 23 marca

Plaza de Espa?a (stacja metra)

Plaza de Espa?a – stacja metra w Madrycie, na linii 3 i 10. Znajduje się w dzielnicy Centro, w Madrycie i zlokalizowana pomiędzy stacjami Ventura Rodríguez, Callao (linia 3) oraz Tribunal i Príncipe Pío. Została otwarta 15 lipca 1941.

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