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W. Brytania. Policja: incydenty w rejonie Birmingham

W. Brytania. Policja: incydenty w rejonie Birmingham

W West Bromwich, w rejonie Birmingham, podpalono kilka samochodów, a w pobliskim Wolverhampton doszło do pojedynczych przypadków zakłócenia porządku publicznego - poinformowała we wtorek policja regionu zachodnich Midlandów.

Narty w Villach

Łagodny zjazd Klosterle West i nowe monitory z informacją o sytuacji na stokach to najważniejsze nowości w regionie narciarskim Villach (Karyntia)

Building Pax Asia-Pacifica

MANILA - One of the main sources of tension in Asia nowadays are the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, where the Philippines, Vietnam, China, and others have conflicting claims. In Chinese media reports, the heightened "unfriendliness" in the region has allegedly arisen from "bad rumors and speculations" on the part of Filipino commentators. But the reality is starker: the intrusions by Chinese aircraft into Filipino airspace in May; Chinese patrol boats cruising in March in the Recto (Reed) Bank, 85 miles west of the Filipino island of Palawan; and, most serious of all, a Chinese missile frigate firing at Filipino fishing boats in February near Palawan's Quirino atoll.

Za Putinem na szczyt G20 przypłynęły okręty wojenne. "To komunikat"

Za Putinem na szczyt G20 przypłynęły okręty wojenne. "To komunikat"

przeszłości rosyjska Flota Oceanu Spokojnego również zaznaczała swoją obecność w regionie w czasie ważnych wydarzeń międzynarodowych, w trakcie szczytu państw APEC w Singapurze w 2009 roku. - Rozmieszczenie grupy uderzeniowej w pobliżu Australii to klasyczna "projekcja siły", znany manewr

W.Brytania.Policja informuje o zamieszkach w Birmingham

Według policji regionu West Midlands zaatakowanych zostało kilka obiektów w centrum Birmingham. Poniedziałek był trzecim dniem zamieszek w brytyjskiej stolicy. Z powodu coraz bardziej napiętej sytuacji minister spraw wewnętrznych Theresa May przerwała urlop. Wakacje postanowił też skrócić burmistrz

For Whom Syria Tolls

economic crisis in Europe. Rightly or wrongly, Russia and China believe that the time has come to take their revenge over an arrogant West that deceived them about the true purpose of "humanitarian intervention" in Libya.This time, they hold the better cards. At a time when US President Barack

Amerykańscy nauczyciele uczą się strzelać. W szkołach będzie bezpieczniej?

Amerykańscy nauczyciele uczą się strzelać. W szkołach będzie bezpieczniej?

Tactical Defense Institute w West Union - to tam nauczyciele z Ohio, Teksasu, Arizony i siedmiu innych stanów przechodzą właśnie specjalistyczne treningi posługiwania się bronią palną ze szczególnym naciskiem na jej wykorzystanie w zamkniętych obiektach. Wszystko w myśl "zapewnienia dzieciom

The Arab Spring's Balance Sheet

The Arab Spring's Balance Sheet

eventually find themselves without political power.Other countries in the region, and beyond, should embrace the Arab Spring. In particular, the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) should abandon their hesitance to support the post-revolution governments. Ultimately, the changes occurring in the

The Decline of the West Revisited

The Decline of the West Revisited

But determinism in history has always been defeated by the unpredictable forces of human will, and, in this case, by the West's extraordinary capacity for renewal, even after cataclysmic defeats. True, the West is no longer alone in dictating the global agenda, and its values are bound to be

Zamieszki w Ferguson. Władze wprowadzają godzinę policyjną i Gwardię Narodową

Zamieszki w Ferguson. Władze wprowadzają godzinę policyjną i Gwardię Narodową

, usłyszał, że zaparkował w regionie, gdzie działa wielu dilerów. - Mierzyli do mnie, jakby nie było w tym nic wyjątkowego - opowiada w rozmowie z "St. Louis Today". Mieszkańcy West Florissant Avenue podkreślają, że patrole policyjne nie wpływają na bezpieczeństwo dzielnicy. Przyznają, że często

The New Middle East's New Problems

The New Middle East's New Problems

This time, however, things were not what they seemed, because the Middle East has undergone a significant change in the past two years. The political epicenter of this troubled region has shifted from the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians toward the Persian Gulf and the struggle for

The Arab Spring and Europe's Chance

The Arab Spring and Europe's Chance

Only by fully understanding the demands and grievances of these Arab revolutionaries will the West be able to give the region appropriate support - and this support is critical. The Arab revolts have not been directed against the West - on the contrary, they have been fed by Western democratic

Who "Lost" Turkey?

Who "Lost" Turkey?

states, and active Turkish involvement there, is anything but in conflict with Western interests. Quite the contrary. But the West (and Europe in particular) will finally have to take Turkey seriously as a partner - and stop viewing it as a Western client state.Turkey is and should be a member of the G

Dlaczego handel tradycyjny jest ciągle lepszy niż ten internetowy?

Dlaczego handel tradycyjny jest ciągle lepszy niż ten internetowy?

należące np. do CCC coraz częściej wygrywają z sieciami zagranicznymi. W ubiegłym roku sklepy zamknęła międzynarodowa sieć obuwnicza Nine West, a do marca swe salony zamkną Cottonfield i Jackpot - pisze Deloitte. Jak radzi sobie e-handel? Największa sieć w rankingu e-detalistów zajmuje dopiero... 16

The Lasting Damage of Iraq

The Lasting Damage of Iraq

Violently torn by religious and ethnic rivalries, Iraq is in no condition to play its part in America's vision of an Arab wall of containment of Iran. Unless the Iranian regime is terminally humbled in the course of its showdown with the West over its nuclear program, the more plausible scenario is

The Middle East's Slow-Motion Revolution

The Middle East's Slow-Motion Revolution

Middle East as extreme, fundamentalist, and hostile to democracy began to re-insinuate themselves in the West.On the other hand, ordinary men and women in the West seem to feel an instinctive sympathy toward their counterparts in the Middle East and North Africa, many of whom are paying the ultimate

Africa's Dictator-Diplomat

region so desperately needs.Hailemariam Desalegn, Meles's foreign minister, will take over Ethiopia's government. But there will be considerable concern in the West about the danger of a power vacuum or struggle in a geopolitically vital but fractious country - and just when neighboring Somalia is

Africa's Dictator-Diplomat

ally of the West in the fight against Islamist terrorism, culminating in Ethiopia's military operation in neighboring Somalia in 2006. More recently, Meles coordinated efforts with Kenya to stage limited strikes against the al-Shabaab militia, which has waged an unrelenting war to turn Somalia into a

The Impoverished "Asian Century"

The Impoverished "Asian Century"

Western anxieties about a looming "Asian century" stem largely from the precedent of twentieth-century geopolitics, in which the West dominated less-developed nations. But this dynamic is outdated, and Asia would suffer as much as the West from any attempt to emulate the British and

Syria after Assad

international community, Assad has lost whatever legitimacy he had left. Even the Arab League has condemned his actions, suspending Syria's membership last November. Meanwhile, the West is increasing sanctions, and many inside and outside of Syria are calling for a Libya-style military intervention. Ultimately

Tłumy na spotkaniu z Jarosławem Kaczyńskim. Lista PiS do PE

Tłumy na spotkaniu z Jarosławem Kaczyńskim. Lista PiS do PE

. Z Polski do Buenos Aires się nie poleci bezpośrednio. Trzeba się przesiadać - mówił. Powiedział też, że kiedy PiS dojdzie do władzy, państwo pomoże dwóm regionom: Górnemu Śląskowi i Łodzi. - Łódź nie jest w stanie wyjść z tej sytuacji, w której jest, bez bardzo poważnego programu rewitalizacji

China's Afghan Game Plan

This cultural contrast is a useful guide to the way that China manages its current competition with the West. China's Afghan policy is a case in point, but it also is a formidable challenge to the weiqi way. As the United States prepares to withdraw its troops from the country, China must deal with

A Post-Arab Spring Strategy

A Post-Arab Spring Strategy

ruptures: the familiar is held to be stable even when it is known to be problematic. (Consider Saudi Arabia, which the United States and most of the West continue to regard as an island of "stability.")Likewise, the revolts in different parts of the Arab world have made a mockery of efforts to

Jolka nr 92

romantyczna z Mae West i Carym Grantem ... lekarski, czyli waleriana leśna droga ... Logan logiczna gra komputerowa ze spadającymi bloczkami łączy św. Jana z Tadeuszem Konwickim ... łez (zapomnijcie o happy endach) ... mauretański, chrząszcz "... młodych bandytów" Róż Europy lub "Twoje ..."

Erdogan the Peacemaker?

. From Turkey's perspective, an Israeli or American strike against Iran's nuclear facilities would destabilize the region further, as Iran would undoubtedly retaliate by fueling sectarian tensions and undermining the prospects of a settlement in both Syria and Iraq.Given this, Turkey wants to prolong, at

Asia's Energy, Asia's Security

Wen travels west, the West must travel east. A trilateral initiative by the US, China, and India in the Gulf, aimed at facilitating a resolution of historic problems in the region, would benefit global growth and stability. As the region's biggest and most influential country, Saudi Arabia could play

Gaza Shrugs

The failure for more than a year to make any progress in negotiations with Israel has convinced Abbas and his colleagues to pursue the UN option. And Israel's continuing settlement construction on the West Bank has sharpened their sense that negotiations would not be productive, whereas the raft of

Nigeria, Slouching Toward Nationhood

Hausa-Fulani, found mainly in the North-West and North-East, the Igbo in the South-East, and the Yoruba in the South-West. Complex ethnic bargaining had made Jonathan Yar'Adua's running mate in the fraudulent 2007 election.Jonathan entered the election campaign fighting off powerful conservative

WLK. BRYTANIA. Młody Blair zastrajkuje

Nicky jest nauczycielem w gimnazjum w regionie West Midlands, domaga się razem ze związkowcami z National Union of Teachers wyższych płac. Nie wiadomo, czy Nicky weźmie udział w wiecu zaplanowanym w Birmingham, czy jedynie przyłączy się do protestu i nie przyjdzie do pracy. Brytyjscy nauczyciele

Jest niedobór: stolica musi zasysać nowych mieszkańców

większości jest polem, Ursus to zdegradowane tereny pofabryczne. - Można je urządzić tak, by stały się wzorcowym miejscem do życia - przekonywał urbanista Grzegorz Buczek, podając przykład gigantycznej (45 tys. pracowników) fabryki traktorów w West Allis w Wisconsin, która dziś jest doskonałą dzielnicą

The Hamas Veto

vowed to continue launching its attacks from inside the West Bank, but not from Gaza. This follows from Hamas leaders' frequent statements since the 2008 Gaza war that they do not want to provoke another Israeli attack, which could cost them their governing position.Israel does not recognize a

Hard Turkey

Erdogan, many Egyptians were not happy about his hectoring them - and other Arabs - to follow Turkish policies and to regard Turkey as their Muslim leader. A new sultanate? Erdogan as the new Saladin?Turkey has an enormously important role to play in the region. It could be a bridge between the West and

Global Zero at Ground Zero

for its readiness "to eat grass," as Zulfikar Ali Bhutto famously put it, in order to counter India's conventional superiority and nuclear capabilities. Today, Pakistan possesses more nuclear warheads than India does. To get to zero in this region, the conflict over Kashmir must be resolved

Aż 98,8 proc. mieszkańców Falklandów-Malwinów chce zostać w Wielkiej Brytanii - mówią wyniki plebiscytu

konkwistadorów i kolonistów. Dziadek pani Kirchner przypłynął do Buenos Aires w 1920 r. z hiszpańskiej Galicii, a przodkowie ministra Timermana to europejscy Żydzi, którzy zjawili się tam w latach 20. ubiegłego wieku. Malwiny to 760 wysp o powierzchni hiszpańskiego regionu Estremadura. Zamieszkane są praktycznie

Holender za gruby, by normalnie odsiedzieć karę?

dostosowanie taboru pogotowia do przewozu otyłych osób.- Chodzi o bezpieczeństwo moich ludzi i pacjentów - mówi BBC Nigel Wells z oddziału NHS w regionie West Midlands w Anglii. - Dziesięć lat temu mieliśmy pacjentów ważących średnio 70-90 kg, dziś są to ludzie ważący ok. 100 kg, a zdarzają się też tacy po 190

''Our'' Islamists

In fact, the Western powers that brought about regime change in Libya have made little effort to prevent its new rulers from establishing a theocracy. But this is the price that the West willingly pays in exchange for the privilege of choosing the new leadership. Indeed, the cloak of Islam helps to

Hands Off Syria?

, of course, prefer a democratic, Western-oriented regime to emerge in Syria. But, given the country's complex society and external ties, the West should happily settle for a stable government not dominated by Russia or Iran, and not in military conflict with its neighbors, including Israel.So what is

The Arab Spring and Europe's Turn

The consequences of this approach have a special resonance in the Arab world today. But, as the recent United Nations Security Council debates on the Arab Spring have shown, it is not the major emerging countries that will influence events in the region. Brazil has barely uttered a word in reaction

Turkey's New Course

asking, "Who lost Turkey?" or "Whither Turkey?" - the assumption being that Turkey had shifted its foreign-policy axis away from the West. In fact, Turkey's external orientation has remained constant, because it rests on the values that we share with the free world. What has changed

Zima w Austrii. Salzkammergut

. Dachstein West reklamuje się jako najbardziej przyjazny rodzinom region narciarski ( ).Najpiękniejszym, centralnym punktem regionu wydaje się Gosau. Radzę jednak pojechać dalej za pierwszym wyciągiem krzesełkowym na Hornspitz. Tuż za tą miejscowością i uroczym jeziorkiem znajdują się

Toward a Peaceful Pacific

It is difficult to see the stationing of 2,500 US Marines in Darwin, Australia - a decision announced by US President Barack Obama on his recent tour of Asia - as anything more than a symbolic gesture, a provocative reminder that the US is determined to stay in the region. America's purpose

Toward a Peaceful Pacific

It is hard to see the stationing of 2,500 US marines in Darwin, Australia - a decision announced by US President Barack Obama on his recent tour of Asia - as anything more than a symbolic gesture, a provocative reminder that the US is determined to stay in the region. America's purpose, however

The Risks of Withdrawal

The US has no prospect of a military victory in Afghanistan or Iraq; these wars' economic costs can hardly be borne anymore, and political support at home is dwindling. America must withdraw, but the price - for the US, its allies in the region, and for the West - remains an open question.The last

The Middle East's New Game

Until recently, the region was divided into two camps: an incoherent and weakened moderate Arab alignment, and an "Axis of Resistance," formed by Iran, Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah, against American and Israeli designs for the region. Driven by a strategy of "zero problems" with

Israel versus America versus Iran

their different objectives.For Israel, war with Iran is not about neutralizing an existential threat; it is about reasserting its regional status. Israel's leaders see their country's standing in the region being seriously threatened by the emergence of a hostile Islamist regime in Egypt; the

The Afghan Endgame Mirage

mistake has been to abandon the country altogether.Afghanistan connects Central and South Asia, and a breakdown of order there would pose grave risks in both directions. Moreover, the world - not just the West, but Russia and China as well - would risk global proliferation of drugs, weapons, and terror

African Dreams Of Reaching Europe Rely On Smugglers, Lies And War

"We were told that if we claimed we were fleeing the war, we would be taken care of and handed out IDs," says Trésor, a Congolese migrant taken in by the United Nations' refugee agency(UNHCR).Trésor was told to say he was from Goma, capital of the North Kivu region

Israel's Missing Peace Offensive

Jewish state's isolation. Major regional powers like Egypt, Turkey, and Qatar now support an emboldened Hamas, whose paramount objectives are now to consolidate its increased international legitimacy and sideline the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority (PA).Indeed, Israel is now in a strategic trap

Ukraine Loses Its Way

. The disappearance of Vasyl Klymentyev, the editor-in-chief of Novyi Styl, a newspaper which focuses heavily on corruption in the Kharkiv region, has never been fully investigated. Most television channels are in the hands of four groups, most of which have close links to the ruling Party of Regions

Gwałtowny spadek popytu na powierzchnię biurową w 2009

gwałtowny i powszechny spadek popytu na powierzchnię biurową i po raz pierwszy w historii odnotowano spadek czynszów w najlepszych lokalizacjach we wszystkich regionach globu" - czytamy w raporcie "Office Space Across the World" ("Powierzchnie biurowe na świecie").W Europie

Eastern Europe's Tito Option

lack of enthusiasm on the EU side for further expansion into the region. More recently, the EU has also had to face the reality of competing with Russia in what President Dmitri Medvedev calls Russia's "sphere of privileged interests." Increasingly, however, the problem is with Eastern

The Maghreb's Modern Islamists

, less than 2% of the Maghreb countries' foreign trade has remained within the region. If the region's new leaders can integrate their economies, a market of more than 75 million consumers would attract more foreign investment and trade with the rest of the world.Before an economically unified Maghreb

Putin nas ograł

porozumień na Malcie George'a Busha i Michaiła Gorbaczowa z 1990 r. - że tutaj nie miało być strefy wpływów NATO, nie miało być Unii. To zresztą przedmiot bardzo ciekawego artykułu w ostatnim numerze "Foreign Affairs", którego autorka [Mary Elise Sarotte, ''A Broken Promise? What the West Really

Iran's Nuclear Grass Eaters

revolution is one way to protect it. Iran tried that, and failed. The almost inevitable fall of Iran's closest ally in the region, the Baath regime in Syria, only adds to the regime's paranoid anxieties - and makes developing a nuclear capability seem all the more necessary for its survival.Iran's leaders

A Shift from the Middle East to the Pacific

policy shift on Asia, Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton headed west, confident that they would have a smooth journey. They did not. To the extent that Americans regard any foreign-policy speech as having relevance to their lives, Obama's economic message at the Asia-Pacific Economic

From Gaza to Where?

comprehensive and sustainable two-state settlement now being negotiated with Mahmoud Abbas's West Bank-based Palestinian Authority (PA) - and of its acceptance, albeit grudgingly, by Gaza's Hamas after a popular vote - may be slim and receding. But the only alternative is an endlessly recurring cycle of deadly

The Slave Ethos and the African Economy

States, to rethink their approach to investing in Africa. This has translated into a steady flow of multibillion-dollar investments in the region. As a result, the IMF forecasts 4.7% GDP growth in sub-Saharan Africa this year, rising to nearly 6% in 2011.Unfortunately, however, while the direction of

What Rebalancing?

Five years ago, many people warned that excess spending in the West and undervalued exchange rates in Asia were producing unsustainable imbalances. From 2005 to 2008, China's bilateral surplus with the United States increased by 41%, and its trade surplus with Europe more than doubled. After

Revolution in a Vacuum

ambitions.Realizing that hope is no easy task. Turmoil in Arab societies is bound to persist for years to come, and emerging regional and world powers can be expected to exploit the international order's fragmentation to advance their interests in the region. With Europe in disarray, and Iran's nuclear crisis still

Dopadła nas choroba biednych

Monrowii, stolicy Liberii, wojsko poddało kwarantannie sławne slumsy West Point - miejsce wielu demonstracji, zamieszek i źródło przewrotów. Ludzie narzekali, że nie są w stanie kupić jedzenia, bo nie mogą wyjść, a nikt im go nie dostarcza. Przekupywali więc policjantów i wychodzili na miasto w

France Alone?

, France seeks to protect its many nationals in the region; maintain stability in the Sahel, where states are very weak; and prevent Mali's transformation into a base of Islamist terrorism directed at Europe.A lot is at stake - all the more so because French intervention is likely to be extensive. While

The Fire in the Monastery

and profess patriotism and loyalty to China. The escalating situation in the Aba/Ngaba region, a heavily Tibetan area in Sichuan province where tensions have led to the imposition of unprecedented security measures, is particularly worrisome.Aba has long had one of the densest concentrations of

Iran on the Warpath

Libya began to cooperate with the West and exposed the Khan network.An Iran armed with nuclear weapons (or one political decision away from possessing them) would drastically alter the Middle East's strategic balance. At best, a nuclear-arms race would threaten to consume this already-unstable region

The Mediterranean Reborn

, China, and India - remains uncertain, this shift may nonetheless provide an opportunity for the Mediterranean.With the world focused on the West, the Atlantic region dominated the last three centuries. In a world focused on the East, however, the main linkages are the Pacific and Indian Oceans and

The Resistible Rise of Asia?

fact, China seems to be on the same path that made Japan an aggressive, militaristic state, with tragic consequences for the region - and for Japan. The Meiji Restoration created a powerful military under the slogan "Enrich the country and strengthen the military." The military

Where Are the Syrian Peacemakers?

helps to explain how he has been able to hold on to power while other regimes in the region have not. Syria's Christians, many of its 1.5 million Kurds, and even Damascus-based, secular classes have been disinclined to join what is widely perceived in the country - though not by the rest of the world

Turkey and the Arab Spring

Arab world.This engagement policy has paid off in several ways, in the process raising Turkey's profile in the region. Arab intellectuals, activists, and youth leaders of different political inclinations have taken a keen interest in what some describe as the "Turkish model." Turkey's stable

Rejecting the Power to Waste

one's rightful place under the sun - to share the planet equally - is a driving force throughout the region, from Southeast Asia to Korea and China. Why should we conserve? The West was responsible for all the pollution and waste in the first place. It is our turn now to ruin the planet, and no one

Which New Middle East?

This change will shift the foreign-policy parameters of the Middle East conflict (understood as both an Israeli-Palestinian conflict and as a conflict between Israelis and Arabs more generally). Despite wars in Lebanon and Gaza, and the intifadas in the occupied West Bank, these parameters have

Netanyahu the Palestinian

thousand years ago, King David reigned over the Jewish state in our eternal capital, Jerusalem. I say that to all those who proclaim that the Jewish state has no roots in our region, and that it will soon disappear." Such rhetoric compliments a long-term strategy of strengthening Israeli control over

Hackers Black Market: Selling System Flaws And Fixes To The Highest Bidder

products to just anyone. The firms says it respects the embargos enforced by the EU, the UN and the U.S., and only deals with "trusted" States, members of NATO, Anzus (in the Pacific region) and Asean (in the Asian region), as well as special "partner States" - meaning it still has

North Korea's Missile to Nowhere

But the question has never been whether the North Koreans were going to abandon their efforts to marry a nuclear warhead to an intercontinental missile. The real issue is what the rest of the world plans to do about it.The missile launch proceeded despite two United Nations Security Council resoluti

Ile Helsinek w Kijowie

stosunki z Moskwą. Wydaje się zatem, że Finowie odnaleźli złoty środek umożliwiający swobodne i pokojowe funkcjonowanie w regionie pomimo wspólnej 1300-kilometrowej granicy ze specyficznym sąsiadem, jakim jest Rosja. Ale dla części komentatorów, w tym dla mnie, zalecenie Kissingera pozostaje nie do końca

Can Hezbollah Weather the Arab Spring?

the outbreak of popular revolts against rulers closely allied with the US and the West. Even Libya's Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi was considered a foe for having allegedly ordered the killing of Lebanese Shiite leader Imam Musa Sadr in 1978. Hezbollah had been in a virtual cold war with Hosni Mubarak's

Can Hezbollah Weather the Arab Spring?

the outbreak of popular revolts against rulers closely allied with the US and the West. Even Libya's Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi was considered a foe for having allegedly ordered the killing of Lebanese Shiite leader Imam Musa Sadr in 1978. Hezbollah had been in a virtual cold war with Hosni Mubarak's

200 tys. zł Nagrody Wisławy Szymborskiej i 50 tys. zł stypendium im. Adama Włodka

Stało się to podczas inauguracyjnej sesji dwudniowej międzynarodowej konferencji literackiej "Kreatywne Miasta i Regiony". "Nagroda im. Wisławy Szymborskiej ma charakter międzynarodowy, przyznawana będzie co roku za książkę poetycką wydaną w języku polskim w roku poprzedzającym. Do

Iran's Electoral Strategy

" in the region that must be eradicated.Meanwhile, Iran's citizens - including clergy in the holy city of Qom, near the Fordow nuclear facility - are deeply concerned about the consequences of an attack. Ayatollah Yousef Sanei, a former attorney general and a religious authority (marja'), has asked

Europo, żadnych "ale"

dla Rosji problematyczne'' Moskwa z troską pochyla się nad ukraińskimi podziałami: ''Radical Ukraine hopelessly divided West against East'' - styczniowa analiza Russia Today To byłaby wielka przygoda: budowa kraju na nowo. Kłopot w tym, że Ukraina jest bardzo różnorodna i nie leży na Księżycu. M.M

Colombia at Peace?

a narco-state in which the regime's acolytes are drug lords, this reflects their privileged relations with the FARC. Repercussions would also be felt in Mexico, where drug cartels are tearing apart the country, and the US, the world's largest source of demand. West Africa, too, would be affected

Asia Enters the Storm

Decoupling did not occur in 2008, when exports accounted for about 45% of pan-Asian GDP (excluding Japan) and every emerging country in the region experienced a sharp contraction in growth as world trade plummeted. Nor is decoupling likely today, because exports still account for about the same

Taking Faith Seriously

weakness, especially in the West, is the assumption that political solutions alone provide a sensible path to the future. They don't. Those who feel that their faith compels them to act in a way destructive of mutual respect must be persuaded that this is a wrong reading of their faith; otherwise, such a

Is China Losing the Diplomatic Plot?

2002. More importantly, China's previous leaders had calculated that a strong and unified ASEAN provided a valuable buffer against any possible US containment strategy. Now, by dividing ASEAN, China has provided America with its best possible geopolitical opportunity in the region. If Deng Xiaoping

Chińska brązowa chmura robi zły klimat

wpływa na wegetację roślin, które otrzymują mniej energii słonecznej niezbędnej do przeprowadzenia fotosyntezy.Chmura ma wpływ nie tylko na klimat w regionie, ale i na całej planecie. Naukowcy z UNEP oszacowali, że gdyby się nagle rozproszyła, temperatura globalna mogłaby się podnieść nawet o dwa

Zachód traci wiarę

dziś Fez, podobnie jak inne historyczne miasta islamu, kojarzy się z tradycyjnym rękodziełem, a zdobycze nauki i techniki jeździ się podziwiać do Londynu czy Nowego Jorku. A jeszcze kilkaset lat temu było odwrotnie. Przed rokiem 1500 to Europa była małym, niewiele znaczącym regionem, którego

The Kingdom Betrayed?

five years.Although the US and the Gulf monarchies share a fear of Iran, much else about Iraq and the region is now in dispute. Saudi Arabia still loathes the idea of a democratic Iraq under majority Shia rule. The Shia, considered apostates by the Kingdom's Wahhabi establishment, are viewed as a

Egypt the Peacemaker?

Gaza and use it as a base from which to take control of the West Bank and the Palestinian national movement. This outcome would be comparable to the Brotherhood's takeover in Egypt, further establishing its ascendancy in the region.Recent events appear to have emboldened Hamas. Although the conflict

Asia's Next Axis

Indeed, Northeast Asia would become the third major axis of regional economic integration, following the EU and NAFTA. Until now, the region has been unable to institutionalize economic cooperation as vigorously as Europe and North America have. But if the proposals discussed in Beijing last month

Pokażmy Putinowi, że zbrodnia nie popłaca

zbyt ostra reakcja. Głęboko się z tym nie zgadzam. Z Estonii, Łotwy, Litwy, Polski, Czech, Rosji i innych krajów regionu od lat dobiegały ostrzeżenia przed niebezpiecznym obrotem spraw, a my byliśmy na nie głusi. Tych, którzy lepiej od nas znają problem, traktowaliśmy protekcjonalnie i lekceważyliśmy

"Korczak" pod patronatem UNESCO. Wydarzenie bez precedensu [ZDJĘCIA]

niesłychane ważne pod względem logistycznym - premiera zbiegnie się z otwarciem nowej siedziby opery przy ul. Odeskiej, uświetniając drugi dzień inauguracji. Przed rokiem "Korczaka" w wersji angielskiej owacyjnie przyjęto na londyńskim West Endzie. Zespół białostockiej opery długo się nie

Putin's Final Act

subside.They won't abate. And the appointment of Igor Kholmanskikh, a tank factory foreman who had offered to come to Moscow with a burly cohort of his fellow assembly-line workers to defend Putin's regime, to rule the vast Ural region will not scare them. Soft power has the upper hand today, and tanks can't

China's Expanding Core

its dispute with Japan, and is perilously close to making the same claim for the entire South China Sea; indeed, some Chinese military officers already have.The Senkaku Islands, located to the west of Okinawa in the East China Sea and currently uninhabited, were incorporated into Japan by the Meiji

China's Expanding Core

its dispute with Japan, and is perilously close to making the same claim for the entire South China Sea; indeed, some Chinese military officers already have.The Senkaku Islands, located to the west of Okinawa in the East China Sea and currently uninhabited, were incorporated into Japan by the Meiji

Prąd ze słońca za 400 mld euro

zapotrzebowania. Kraje afrykańskie skorzystałyby na tym podwójnie - prąd z elektrowni bowiem pozwoliłby uruchomić na masową skalę instalacje odsalania wody morskiej. A brak wody jest jedną z największych barier w rozwoju tego regionu. Podpisanie umowy wywołało wielką dyskusję, zwłaszcza w Niemczech. Nic dziwnego

Mr Obama, Don't Drop the Shield!

Lech Wałęsa - sounded their worries that the Obama administration appeared uninterested in an alliance with the region, and appealed for a more determined policy towards Russia. The letter was presented in Washington yesterday by Ron Asmus, co-author of Nato's eastward enlargement under President

O homarze, który się Fidelowi nie kłaniał

wystraszyły nas paskarskie ceny lichych domków kempingowych. Wsiedliśmy więc w samochód i pojechaliśmy brzegiem morza szukać noclegu.Region nurkowy Maria la Gorda w serwisie ''A Paradise for Divers''Kubańskie regiony nurkowe w portalu***Jeśli chce się zobaczyć kawałek Kuby, trzeba

Israel's Lonely Prosperity

the demonstrators might be inspired by democratic ideals, let's have no illusions, the Israelis seem to be saying: Islamist forces will emerge as the only winners, and they are much more hostile to Israel and the West than their predecessors were.Of course, with the Syrian regime's massacres of its

PGE kupuje Energę. To największa transakcja MSP w tym roku

transakcja ma ułatwić przyznanie PGE kredytów, są podzieleni. - Większa spółka, większe przychody, większe przepływy finansowe to większe możliwości zaciągnięcia kredytu - mówi nam menedżer dużego zagranicznego banku. Ale Maciej Stańczuk, prezes polskiego ramienia niemieckiego West LB, ma wątpliwości

An African Horn of Plenty

In the Horn of Africa - Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, and Sudan - some 14.6 million children, women, and men remain without enough food. While to the west, in the Sahel countries of Niger, Chad, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Mauritania, another 14 million are threatened.Even worse

Hlybokaye - a Test for Lukashenko

Polish diplomats in Belarus are right to demand that the prosecutors there launch an inquiry into the corpses of Poles found in the cellar of an Orthodox cathedral in Hlybokaye in Vitebsk region in northern Belarus. There are all indications to believe that the victims were murdered by the Soviet

Toots Thielemans "East Coast West Coast" BMG

terminy te oznaczały jednak kiedyś podział na jazz dionizyjski (be bop, hard bop) i apolliński (cool), kojarzony z tymi regionami. W przypadku tej płyty podział jest widoczny, ale tylko z grubsza. W części "West Coast" rozbrzmiewają sztandarowe utwory Billa Evansa ("Waltz for Debby") i

Agona West

Dystrykt Agona jest dystryktem we wschodniej części Regionu Centralnego w Ghanie, ze stolicą w Agona Swedru.

Amansie West

Amansie West - dystrykt w południowo-zachodniej części regionu Ashanti w Ghanie ze stolicą w Manso-Nkwanta, powstał w wyniku reformy administracyjnej po podziale dystryktu Amansie East w roku 1989.Główne miasta: Mpatuom, Manso-Mim, Manso-Atwede, Manso-Abore, Domi-Keniago, Odaho.


West-Cappel – miejscowość i gmina we Francji, w regionie Nord-Pas-de-Calais, w departamencie Nord.Według danych na rok 1990 gminę zamieszkiwało 497 osób, a gęstość zaludnienia wynosiła 66 osób/km? (wśród 1549 gmin regionu Nord-Pas-de-Calais West-Cappel plasuje się na 787. miejscu pod względem

Ga West

Dystrykt Ga West jest dystryktem w Regionie Greater Accra w Ghanie ze stolicą w Amasaman. Utworzony został pod koniec lat osiemdziesiątych ubiegłego wieku przez podział dystryktu Ga. Jest jednym z 28 niedawno utworzonych dystryktów i leży zachodniej części regionu. Od północy graniczy z dystryktem

Wassa West

Dystrykt Wassa West Region Zachodni Stolica Tarkwa Powierzchnia 2,354 km? Populacja (2000) 232,699 ISO 3166-2 GH-WP-WW Region Zachodni. Wassa West jest jednym z 13 dystryktów Regionu Zachodniego w Ghanie.Główne miasta: Prestea, Abosso, Bogoso, Nsuaem, Nsuta.

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