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China's Expanding Core

China's Expanding Core

TOKYO - China is now engaged in bitter disputes with the Philippines over Scarborough Shoal and Japan over the Senkaku Islands, both located far beyond China's 200-mile-wide territorial waters in the South China Sea. Indeed, so expansive are China's claims nowadays that many Asians are wondering what will satisfy China's desire to secure its "core interests." Are there no limits, or does today's China conceive of itself as a restored Middle Kingdom, to whom the entire world must kowtow?

A Strategy for Russia's Snow Revolution

MOSCOW - Nonviolent revolutions do not always remain nonviolent, as the examples of uprisings in Egypt, Libya, and Syria in the Arab Spring have shown. But peaceful movements for regime change often do succeed. They have toppled illegitimate rulers, as with the post-Soviet "color revolutions" in Georgia and Ukraine, and ended apartheid in South Africa, for example, or, before that, the Jim Crow system in the American South. Non-violent movements broke British rule in India and Malawi, and brought down authoritarian regimes in Chile, the Philippines, and Portugal.

Filipiny: Tysiące ewakuowanych przed tajfunem "Melor"

Tysiące mieszkańców wschodnich Filipin zostało ewakuowanych przed atakiem tajfunu "Melor". Żywioł powoduje lokalne powodzie i lawiny błotne. Fale na morzu osiągają wysokość 4 metrów.

World Press Photo 2017 - znamy wyniki prestiżowego konkursu fotografii prasowej

World Press Photo 2017 - znamy wyniki prestiżowego konkursu fotografii prasowej

The Philippines' Most Overcrowded Jail III nagroda w kategorii General News - zdjęcie pojedyncze Zdjęcie z miejskiego więzienia Quezon - jednego z najbardziej przeludnionych na Filipinach. Odkąd policja wypowiedziała na niespotykaną dotąd skalę wojnę z rozprzestrzeniającymi się przestępstwami, warunki

Potężny tajfun uderzył w Filipiny. Ponad 10 tys. ofiar. "Ludzie jak zombi, szukają jedzenia. Pomocy!"

Potężny tajfun uderzył w Filipiny. Ponad 10 tys. ofiar. "Ludzie jak zombi, szukają jedzenia. Pomocy!"

złożył też minister spraw zagranicznych Radosław Sikorski. "Przerażony śmiertelnym żniwem tajfunu na Filipinach. Kondolencje i solidarność z Polski" - napisał szef MSZ. Horrified by the death toll of the cataclismic typhoon in the Philippines. Condolences and solidarity from Poland.? Radosław

The New Pharmaceutical Frontier

, by 60% in the Philippines and gained a 14-fold increase in volume sales). Further, it proposed the establishment of an LDC patent pool for neglected tropical diseases and donated to it 13,500 compounds for malaria vaccines.Slowly, other companies are following suit. Sanofi-Aventis recently announced

Dynastic Asia

This pattern is not confined to Northeast Asia. President Benigno Aquino III of the Philippines is the son of former President Corazon Aquino. Prime Ministers Najib Abdul Razak and Lee Hsien Loong of Malaysia and Singapore, respectively, are also sons of former prime ministers. In India, Rahul

America's Trouble with China

overarching risks. The first is confrontation, which could occur directly or as a result of the US being drawn into conflicts between China and its neighbors.The other risk is that Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, or Myanmar could fall into China's strategic orbit. Many of these

Private Education's Public Benefits

experience.Furthermore, the private sector can drive educational achievement at a lower cost than the public sector. A World Bank studyon language and mathematics showed that, for the same cost per pupil, private schools in the five participating countries (Colombia, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Tanzania

Asia's Stifled Services

diversify the production base, thereby enhancing economic resilience and boosting growth momentum. Modern services are becoming increasingly tradable, providing new export opportunities. India and the Philippines, for example, have established themselves as world leaders in the export of outsourced business

Islands of Nationalism

" the islands from "private" Japanese owners can be explained in this context.On the Chinese side, the maritime quarrels with Japan - and with Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines in the South China Sea - have reignited a national debate about whether China's foreign policy is

Obama's China Card?

other countries combined. Six aircraft carriers, with their accompanying support vessels - indeed, 60% of America's entire navy - are now stationed in the Pacific.In addition, Obama's administration has been conducting talks with the Philippines to increase and enhance naval cooperation. And Singapore

Power to Asia's Women

in Asia, though limited, show that the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand are consistently among the top performers. With the addition of economic and occupational parameters - such as women in senior management positions, promotion rates, remuneration, and wage equality - these countries are

Toward a Peaceful Pacific

Toward a Peaceful Pacific

country's regime.Furthermore, the international court should resolve the Spratly Islands dispute. A group of islands in the South China Sea claimed by China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Brunei, the Spratly Islands are valuable because of their oil reserves and their commercial fishing

Seks był wabikiem

, a obok stała gwardia narodowa, i wszystko to byli krewni i znajomi Marcosów. W świeżo zbudowanym hotelu Philippines Plaza mieliśmy otwarty rachunek na wszystko poza alkoholem, co mi zresztą nie przeszkadzało, bo nie piję. Zanim wyjechałem, chyba w listopadzie 1981 roku, w telewizji, w "