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The Poles Write A Letter To The Americans About The Shield

Warsaw has given a strong boost to the negotiations on the US anti-missile shield. It is possible it will agree for it to be based in Poland as early as in June.

Family Scenes from the Uprising

Family Scenes from the Uprising

palace in Królikarnia, burnt down back in 1939. Then some equally idyllic scenes from the banks of the river Świder: a hot summer day, crowds sunbathing on the beach. Holidays. The only thing missing from the picture to make it an image of pre-war normality are the Jews, who until 1939 were the main

Barroso's Sudden Meeting with Kaczyński in Warsaw

usually did. 'Perhaps because he met Donald Tusk at the recent summit in Brussels', a Commission source told Gazeta. 'We will certainly discuss the Lisbon treaty, the economic crisis, and EU-related political issues', said President Lech Kaczyński. It is possible that Mr Barroso wanted to sound Mr

Russia Accuses Czech Rep and Poland of Lack of Logic

-proposed security summit would be the US missile defence installations in Europe. Meanwhile, the Russian foreign Ministry sharply criticised Prague and Warsaw yesterday for their position on Russian officers' proposed presence in the missile and radar bases the US wants to site in Poland and the Czech

Drug Policy Seminar Series - Warszawa

Drug Policy Seminar Series - Warszawa

institutions. The Seminars will be led by international guest speakers representing cutting-edge public policy institutions from the USA, UK, Colombia, Poland, including; Wiktor Osiatyński, Human Rights Professor at the Central European University in Budapest, Rick Lines, Executive Director of the

Kosovo and the Polish Diplomatic Embarrassment

Kosovo and the Polish Diplomatic Embarrassment

It took the government a week to decide that it was the cabinet, after all, that had the decisive say on the issue and that Poland's partners from the US and the EU expected it to recognise Kosovo's independence. At that point, both the coalition and the opposition woke up: how to do it without

Chasing Donald Tusk

Chasing Donald Tusk

then head of the government Tusk. It turns out, however, that the defendants did obtain such consent. Besides, the agreement never came into force as Warsaw no longer trusted the Russian partner in the wake of street revolution that broke out in Ukraine and was followed by Russian aggression. The

200 Angry Men. Debunking the Myth of a 'No-Go Zone' in Malmö

200 Angry Men. Debunking the Myth of a 'No-Go Zone' in Malmö

. He, Rami's sister, and several activists issued these demands to the Minister of Justice at a recent meeting in Stockholm. "Those teens know perfectly well that they have impunity. We have a lot of guns coming over the bridge from Copenhagen. Do you know how easy it is to get one? I talked to a

A Polish Jewess returns home

A Polish Jewess returns home

spoke in Yiddish and Polish in turn: Do you remember, Fryda, how I told you about that railway car? All of them were dying. One of them took a knife, cut off a piece of this woman's body and told us to eat it. Do you remember I told you about it? That was the one and only time. Those seven concentration

Kandydaci 14. edycji konkursu Przedsiębiorca Roku EY

Kandydaci 14. edycji konkursu Przedsiębiorca Roku EY

Sajewicz z RISK made in Warsaw (projektująca i sprzedająca ubrania) oraz Monika Żochowska i Ewa Dudzic z Phenicoptere (produkcja rękawiczek do demakijażu). W kategorii produkcja i usługi kandydatami zostali: Jan Kalisz z Fibrain (produkcja kabli i światłowodów), Henryk Owsiejew z Malow (produkcja mebli

See you at the 3rd annual European Music Fair!

last weekend of November has a lot in store for music fans, industry professionals and anyone who wants to get to know more about what it means to 'work in music'. Make a note in your calendar, set an alarm in your phone and a reminder on your computer: the CJG European Music Fair will take place on 29


brandu. Madox jednak wymyka się sezonowości i wszelkim "modnym" uproszczeniom. To wciąż młoda marka, która raz po raz zaskakuje swoich fanów casual/owymi sylwetkami o ponadczasowym charakterze. Madox- a fashion brand located in Warsaw, Poland. It was established in 2011 by Damian Nowacki

European Music Fair Conference Program 2012

companies heart music? Presented by T-Mobile Money Doesn't Grow on Trees - It Comes From Grants! Debate: How Do Musicians Survive? - presented by Radio Roxy Music: The Not-So Hidden Element In Ad Success - presented by Saatchi&Saatchi How do we measure music? Commercial research in the world of

Indie Artists at the European Music Fair

Indie Artists at the European Music Fair

to release their often niche but rich music. It's exactly this enthusiasm that pushed the S1 Warsaw label to organize the very first Record Store Day in Poland and it's the match that lit the flame behind the organizers of the now successful Tauron New Music Festival in Katowice. So, don't be

Brown, Berlusconi, Merkel, Fillon, or a Diplomatic Festival in Warsaw

Brown, Berlusconi, Merkel, Fillon, or a Diplomatic Festival in Warsaw

the work time directive, but also collaboration in Afghanistan. In August, elections will take place there under the protection of a Nato-led international force. Poland thinks similarly to Britain about peacekeeping in Afghanistan. Warsaw and London agree that it is not enough to fight the taliban

Mr Tusk's Four Tasks

The government must not allow for the special fund with which the EU will in the future finance 'green' projects in Africa and Asia to create too serious a financial encumbrance for Poland. Because it is not Poland that is responsible for Africa's and Asia's economic backwardness, but the former

Programme of the "Debate 2.0: Laptop for the first grader?"

registration expected at 12.00-12.05 Welcome, start of the conference - Jaroslaw Kurski, First Deputy Editor-in-Chief, "Gazeta Wyborcza", Warsaw 12.05-12.25 Why and how do we plan to spend 250 million euro on laptops for pupils - Magdalena Gaj, Deputy Minister

Privacy protection

Processing of personal data of users This document sets out the rules of processing by Agora S.A. (with the seat in Warsaw, 00-732 Warszawa, ul. Czerska 8/10, entered in the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 13th Department of the National Court

Merkel Chooses Poland

, it would have seriously strained relations with Warsaw. The Chancellor would have lost credibility in Poland. It would have also been a major blow to the reputation of Prime Minister Donald Tusk and his friendly policy towards Germany. An outburst of Polish-German antagonisms would have harmed Europe

Why It's Worth Talking to the Germans

. Poland and its friends in the world of German politics will make sure that it doesn't steer in an undesirable direction. What matters is that there will be place in Berlin for history told from the Polish perspective. So that Germans stop confusing the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising with the Warsaw Uprising. So

Bishops: Banning IVF Is Good Deed

Bishops: Banning IVF Is Good Deed

the Warsaw-Praga bishop. He also praised a radical draft submitted by the 'Contra in Vitro' Legislative Initiative Committee, which calls for not only a ban on IVF but also for prison sentences for doctors performing it. Archbishop Hoser had only some minor objections about it: 'This draft is just

Sikorski: It's Time for Full Disclosure

a moment when it seemed we were close to success,' said the Foreign Minister. Since the Polish geologist's kidnapping in western Pakistan in September, Mr Sikorski spoke several times on the phone to his Pakistani counterpart. Polish Foreign Ministry officials met also the Pakistani ambassador in

Music Conference Panels

-consumer lives, and the popularity of talent-search make-me-a-star television programs, it seems that the old saying really rings true in the Polish music industry. Yet there still is a slew of Polish native musicians that do well beyond it's country's borders. Artists like Aleksandra Kurzak, who performed

Blair for Brown-Tusk Breakfast

Donald Tusk will have a working breakfast with Gordon Brown today. It is the British head of government's first visit to Warsaw. The breakfast's 'menu' includes such items as EU reforms, climate change, peacekeeping cooperation in Afghanistan, and the financial crisis. But, according to

Uprising Anniversary Duly Celebrated

Maklakiewicz. 'The 1944 uprising is a myth today. Why? Because it has lived up to the role of a myth. Because the heroism of the Uprising soldiers finds an expression in this myth,' argued the president. And Gen Zbigniew 'Motyl' Ścibor Rylski, head of the Association of Warsaw Uprising Soldiers, added, 'The

Erasmus Student Network

At present ESN gathers about 12 000 members divided to 280 local organizations. We act in 32 countries in Europe. Activity of ESN is divided into three stages: international, national and local. Polish section of ESN exists since 1998. It was created at Medical Academy in Warsaw. At the same

Lavrov Visit: Warsaw Bracing Itself for a Firm Talk

Warsaw is set to become the EU's diplomatic capital on 11 September, as Poland will be the first EU member state to be visited by the Russian foreign minister since Russia's intervention in Georgia, which has greatly cooled Moscow's relationships with the EU. The EU expects Russia to withdraw the

Who will play at Music Fair? List of artists

like jazz? Baaba is for you. Do you like electronica? Baaba is for you. Do you like a band that's impossible to classify? Then Baaba really is for you. Warsaw Stage, Dramatyczny Theater, Friday, 25th November, 9.35 pm Bartosz Koziak is a master in every way: a winner of the Third International Witold

Dear Mr Tusk, the Constitution Doesn't Allow This

term until the year-end. The only way to do it would be by introducing a state of emergency. In such a case, however, the EU presidency would have to be considered a war or at least a natural disaster. There remains only one sensible solution - early elections.

Tusk: There Will Be No Doubt Who Was the Victim and Who the Perpetrator

Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, under which the Red Army entered Poland on 17 September 1939. As if to confirm these speculations, the Russian public TV Vyesti broadcast last week a film The Secrets of Secret Protocols , which alleged that in 1939 Warsaw was in an anti-Russian alliance with Adolf Hitler

President Peres Remembers Common History of Poles and Jews

President Peres spent four days on an official visit in Poland. On Tuesday he participated in the celebrations of the 65th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Yesterday, in an unscheduled move, he asked to be taken to the Warsaw Uprising Museum. 'Polish and Jewish uprisings were the ultimate

Polska Firma Przyszłości. Nie mamy biznesowego "jednorożca", ale są pretendenci

miałoby do tego dojść jeszcze w tym roku. Kolejnym rozwiązaniem, już wprowadzonym w życie, było utworzenie Polskiego Funduszu Rozwoju, który ma koordynować poszczególne instytucje wspierające biznes. Innym pomysłem jest program Start in Poland. Jego częścią miało być stworzenie centralnego inkubatora

Matura 2011, j. angielski, poziom podstawowy, odpowiedzi

bring something waterproof, just in case. I want to arrange a get-together for all the guys who were in England last year and I was thinking of having it on a river-boat in Warsaw. Don't tell anyone, though, it's our secret, I want it to be a surprise for the others. Will the first Saturday, the 18th

Kosovo and the Polish Question

It is doubtful, however, that Russia would actually persuade Ossetia or Abkhazia to announce independence. The Russians know that doing so they would expose them to international isolation. So the whole thing is not really about Georgia but about the President's ambitions. What will it change in

NATO to Create Foothold in Georgia

of influence. In public, Russian diplomats prefer to put it more mildly. 'We want to deepen our relations with countries that Russia has traditionally been friends with. We oppose pulling these countries into the Nato against their will', Mr Lavrov spoke of Georgia and Ukraine in Warsaw yesterday. Mr


(Applications nos. 55508/07 and 29520/09) JUDGMENT STRASBOURG 16 April 2012 This judgment will become final in the circumstances set out in Article 44 § 2 of the Convention. It may be subject to editorial revision. In the case of Janowiec and Others v. Russia, The European Court of Human

Dalai Lama: Poles Can Do a Lot for Tibet's Autonomy

(SdPL). The Dalai Lama stressed that Poland could do a lot, raising the Tibetan issue on the EU forum. 'It doesn't mean whether the meeting is official or unofficial. What matters is to talk, to meet face to face,' he said, asked about his Thursday meeting with Lech Kaczyński. Even though the

Missile Shield Moving Away from Poland

Poland's consent 'is no longer so precious'. It'll also be more difficult for Warsaw to reject the US proposal now that it has been blessed by the Alliance. Thirdly, following the Bush-Putin talks, Russia has eased its opposition against the shield's installations in Poland and the Czech Republic. 'Until

Missile Shield Still in the Game

Poland. Mr Fried will likely talk in Warsaw today about the postulates regarding the shield that Mr Sikorski brought to Washington two weeks ago. Among them is a political declaration in which the US would undertake to defend Poland in the case of any external threat. Poland and the US failed to reach

Polska a GMO - II depesza ambasady USA 2006 r.

, attended meetings in Warsaw on May 22 and 23, and in Krakow on May 24, 2006. Her visit came at a crucial time in the new GOP's legislative assault on agricultural biotechnology. In March the GOP drafted its "Framework Policy" (see reftel), and Spirnak learned during her visit that President

What Washington Wants From Moscow in Exchange for Missile Defence

missile defence site in Poland is not ultimately built, Poland will still get what it wanted the most. Warsaw, as Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski said last summer, 'does not feel directly threatened by Iranian missiles' and is 'helping the US and the Nato develop anti-missile capacity' only as part of

An Irishman Who Wants to Overturn Lisbon in Poland

he'd turn it into a heated debate about the Lisbon treaty. He said he planned to win 20-30 seats in the assembly. Libertas is to open offices in European capitals, starting with Brussels, and including Warsaw. Then Mr Ganley will 'select' political allies, not necessarily from the mainstream, but

Invitation to the debate: " End to the War on Drugs?"

past 10 years around 350 000 people in Poland were convicted for possessions of small quantities of controlled substances, mainly cannabis. The drug prohibiting law is not effective when it comes to big-time dealers, it only ruins lives of innocent people. The fear of drugs generates support for war

Głódź Leads Race to Become Next Chairman of the Polish Episcopate

The whole thing will be decided on 10 March during a plenary session in Warsaw, when the bishops gather to elect a new chairman of the Conference of the Polish Episcopate. According to Gazeta's sources, the leading candidate is the Gdańsk metropolitan bishop, Archbishop Sławoj Leszek Głódź. His

Brussels Will (Perhaps) Add Solidarity Footage to Anniversary Video

charge of communication strategy, that the video be altered. In his view, the film is 'unfair and unprofessional', and the vision of history it presents 'simplified'. Mr Tombiński noted the lack of any mention of 'anyone from the long list of world-renowned legends of Poland's pro-freedom, anti-communist

Poland Expecting Merkel, Putin, Kouchner, Miliband

, which were Poland's allies in 1939, will be represented by foreign ministers Bernard Kouchner and David Miliband. In all, Warsaw is expecting the arrival of 14 prime ministers and 7 foreign ministers. 'Three major anniversary events take place in Europe this year: the anniversaries of 1 September 1939

Lithuania Supports Sikorski for Nato Chief

. In late December last year prime minister Donald Tusk admitted Mr Sikorski was one of the candidates for the post of the Nato secretary general. He said it was not just hype. The Lithuanian declaration of support for Mr Sikorski came as a pleasant surprise for Warsaw. Though Polish-Lithuanian

Poland Resilient to the Crisis, PM's Chief Adviser Says

countries, and governments share information - like those of Belgium and the Netherlands on decisions concerning Fortis Bank. This knowledge lets us prepare ourselves in case something was to happen. Last night everyone trembled at the thought of how the Warsaw bourse would open. And it turned out it wasn't

In Homage to Irina Kazulina

I saw how the brutes from the Belarussian riot police took him from a Minsk street two years ago - as it soon turned out, for five and half years in a camp. He is in jail because he led demonstrators towards the prison where his former students were doing time for protesting against the

A Solidarity Monument in Berlin?

darling. Today, Polish and German diplomats believe the case could be moved forward. And time is pressing because the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall is just half a year away. The idea of commemorating Solidarity in Berlin raises no controversy in Germany. It was supported in comments for Gazeta

The Funeral of Bronisław Geremek

, former president Lech Wałęsa, Prime Minister Donald Tusk, former PM Tadeusz Mazowiecki, and the Warsaw metropolitan Archbishop Kazimierz Nycz. The ceremony will commence Monday noon with a mass at the St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Warsaw's Old Town. It hasn't been decided yet whether the coffin will

Anti-Missile Shield: the Americans Pushing

made its consent to the shield base conditional on US aid for the Polish armed forces. Here, both sides' negotiations give themselves until the second half of July. It was agreed during the latest negotiation round in Warsaw last week that four workgroups would be formed to draw up the military aid

Nowe płyty: The Shipyard i Warsaw Dolls

Płytowy debiut punkrockowo-glamowego kabaretu z Warszawy, wydany metodą do it yourself (ale na wysokim poziomie edytorskim). Są manifesty. "Częstujmy się radością i szacunkiem - piszą - pogardę i gorycz świat rozdaje za darmo". Proste, uliczne granie dobitnie nawiązuje nazwą i podejściem do New

Warsaw Wants More EU Defence Policy, Sikorski Tells Kouchner

Chobielin near Bydgoszcz in northern Poland, and then officially on Monday in Ożarów near Warsaw at an annual conference of Polish ambassadors. During their dinner in Chobielin, Mr Sikorski presented Mr Kouchner with what is now an unofficial document on the strengthening of the EU's defence policy. 'It

Beautiful Yulia Saving the Euro

The Ukrainian head of government goes to Lviv this Saturday, the city most seriously behind with preparations for the European Football Cup 2012. Local officials are in panic, but do hope for Kiev's help. Gazeta was to be visited yesterday afternoon by Andriy Sadovyi, the mayor of Lviv. IN the

Mr Tusk's Eastern Partnership

Nicolas Sarkozy in Warsaw next week. He will probably tell him that if France wants the Mediterranean Union, a programme of the EU's closer cooperation with its Mediterranean neighbours, it has to back the Polish initiative. Spain and Italy, traditionally reluctant about the EU's closer ties with the East

Privatisation Plan Collapsing

.' Gazeta has calculated that if the employees were to buy out KGHM at its present market value, each would have to come up with PLN 300,000. 'Few people can afford that,' Gazeta told Mr Pawlak. 'How do you know?' the deputy PM retorted. 'This is what a studio flat in Warsaw costs,.' A politician close to

About contest

of artistic community select the best of all photographs awarded at local stages. Everything will end with The Awards Ceremony, National Final Ceremony and exhibition of best photos. The final of the contest conducted by ESN of Warsaw School of Economics takes place in the middle of May 2009 in

Donald Tusk's European Gambit

The jockeying for positions in the EU takes place every five years - following the European Parliament elections. It is the Union's most important political game. How Poland fares in it will be a gauge of its position in Europe and the influence personally of prime minister Donald Tusk. Each member

Schengen: New Iron Curtain Rising

', says Mr Thim in Prague. The Schengen visa is becoming a symbol of Europe's new division. Once the curtain was iron, today it is more like velvet, because the visas are, after all, obtainable. But you have to pay for them, do your share of standing in line, sometimes pay a middleman who, oddly enough

The Nixon Option for Iran?

bilateral US-China talks in Warsaw in the 1960's were fruitless until Richard M. Nixon and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger opened a different, more direct discussion through the auspices of Pakistan. International negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program also need a new concept and broader

10 genialnych pisarzy, których nie znasz

Indiana, do szkoły chodził w tamtejszej Warsaw, a swój niekrótki i obfitujący w przygody żywot zakończył iście po kawaleryjsku. Wybrał się bowiem - w wieku lat 71 - do Meksyku, by z bliska przyjrzeć się tamtejszej wojnie domowej. Przyłączył się podobno do wojsk sławnego watażki Pancho Villi i słuch o nim

A Shield for Bad Times. It Is to Protect Europe Too

It was the most powerful statement made during her visit, whose purpose was to sign a deal on the construction in Poland of a missile defence base and a declaration on both countries' strategic cooperation. Ms Rice and Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski signed the agreement at the Prime Minister's

Where the MEPs Come From

Only 57 percent of those polled in August by OBOP replied correctly that members of the European parliament are elected by direct universal suffrage. Others, in a poll conducted by the Warsaw-based Institute of Public Affairs, said that the MEPs were elected by members of the national parliament

Treaty for Shipyards, Warsaw Hints at EU

The European Commission is to decide Wednesday about three Polish shipyards. If they're found to have received illegal public aid and ordered to return it, they will collapse. From the point of view of European law, the chances for a favourable decision are slim. The government in Warsaw is

Will Condoleeza Rice Stop Russia?

important articles in a Polish newspaper is a token of the evolution Poland has undergone. Warsaw is regarded by the US and Russia today as an important international player. If it were otherwise, such high-ranking figures wouldn't bother trying to win the Polish public opinion over for their arguments. In

Poland Without Missile Defence

account in Washington. According to Gazeta's sources, the US government will announce the conclusions of the strategic review only when it has prepared Warsaw and Prague for the change of plans and secured maximum possible concessions from Moscow. Gazeta asked the State Department for permission to

Polska a GMO - Depesza Ambasady USA z 2006 r.

opposition to GMO\'s in Poland stemmed from the fact there is no starvation in Polish society, so why introduce transgenic food crops? On the other hand, Poles do not oppose the use of GMO\'s in medicine, because this leads to cheaper drugs. The scientists reasoned that a campaign focused on the potential

Whom the President (Didn't) Help

1 June, as well as in Oława and Brzeg, which graced with his presence two days earlier. In all four constituencies the PO fetched nearly twice as many votes as the PiS and improved its result from the 2007 general election. Nor was presidential support an advantage in Warsaw. Ex-presidential

Sikorski, Kwaśniewski and Russia

. Honestly speaking, I do not believe either that the Kwaśniewski candidature was real. It did not gain a presence in Washington at all. And not only because the Polish government did not lobby on its behalf. The former president can actually blame himself too. A couple of days ago I talked to a really

Forgery Against Blida

conclusive evidence that they had taken bribes. So the only charges pressed were against Kmiecik for obtaining undue government subsidies. That was in January 2006, shortly after the PiS had won the general election. It was too little for a case that had been touted as the 'coal mafia'. Three months later

Germany Interceding for Poland in Moscow

agreement regulating navigation through it to be invalid from the moment of Poland's EU accession. Polish diplomacy has been unable so far to cause the Russians to change their mind. Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski asked Mr Steinmeier for help on the issue when the two met in Mr Sikorski's private

Tusk: Find More Women

leader out of someone who isn't. This is creating women leaders in an artificial manner. I don't intend to cede my place to a woman only because she is a woman,' a member of the PO's decision-making body tells Gazeta. Outside Warsaw, the sentiment is the same. 'We can't use social engineering and break

Compensations for Victims of Anti-Communist Protests

their involvement in the pacification of the Wujek and Manifest Lipcowy mines, ruling that it was a communist crime. Soon thereafter the Interior Ministry announced that the victims' families would receive compensations. But it remained unclear when and how large. The pledge was repeated in December

Najlepsze płyty roku 2015. Jak głosowali nasi dziennikarze [RANKING "WYBORCZEJ"]

; 6. Diana Krall - "Wallflower" 7. Van Morrison - "Duets: Re-Working The Catalogue" 8. Don Henley - "Cass County" 9. Bob Dylan - "Shadows In The Night" 10. Amy Helm - "Didn't It Rain" Rafał Zieliński"Gazeta Wyborcza Wrocław" Polska:1. Smolik

Multimedia Components

texts from Zbigniew Brzezinski, Milton Friedman, Samuel Huntington, and Ayn Rand. Audio exhibit from Radio Free Europe Highlights from the later years of Radio Free Europe in Poland, on loop in the gallery space. In 2009, the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw and U.S. Consulate in Krakow join Poland in

Missile Shield's Polish Future Unclear

According to diplomatic sources, the Polish armed forces modernisation offer brought by the Americans to Warsaw in early April was interesting, but not good enough. Poland's condition for agreeing to the base's location in its territory is precisely a long-term defence aid plan, including, in

PiS Without Growth Potential, Poll Shows

Bielan. 'No such power exists that could help the PiS win the elections by an absolute majority. And the public's aversion to the PiS is so strong there's no approval for a coalition with it. This sentences the PiS for years in the opposition', said Radosław Markowski, political scientist (Warsaw School

Obama Silent, Russia Destroying the Missile Shield

in the background. Frattini's appeal is a triumph of the Russian diplomacy. Russia has long been trying to pull the old EU members, reluctant towards the US installation, into the dispute. All that to thwart the US project carried out together with Warsaw and Prague. What is most worrying is that

Nangar Khel Comes Up

people moving there. It will be the first trial in the history of the Polish armed forces concerning a violation of the 1907 Hague Convention and the Fourth Geneva Convention (of 1949) which relate to the laws of war and the protection of civilians in armed conflicts. 'A trial unique not only in Poland

11th of November Without Wałęsa

On Independence Day, in all Polish cities the day was remembered in November 1918 when, after 123 years of lack of independence, Poland was reborn. In Warsaw, thousands of people came to Józef Piłsudski Square, where the central official celebrations were held. At the Dworzec Centralny train

Will the Gov't Officially Back Katyn Claims?

'The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights makes it possible for the government to join in the complaint', says Hanna Machcińska, director of the Council of Europe's Information Bureau in Warsaw. Last Wednesday, Gazeta reported that the European Court of Human Rights had, in an

They Love North Korea in the Village of Kleczanów

Kleczanów is a prosperous village in Obrazów commune, Sandomierz county, south-east Poland. Famous for its fertile soils and orchards. It also has a website (, where dozens of photos from meetings with Korean people are featured. I am reminded of how, during my studies at the

Court Control Over Legal Interception Fictional, Inspection Finds

reviewing it has no means to determine whether it is justified. 'No investigation is pending on the case, so there is no evidence to review', said Judge Rajmund Chajneta, head of the 8th Criminal Department, District Court, Warsaw. The District Court in Warsaw is the only one reviewing requests for

Honorary Citizen Meets Professor Kaczyński

the Foreign Ministry suggests that such a private meeting between Professor Kaczyński and the Dalai Lama will be acceptable for the Chinese side.' The Dalai Lama arrived in Warsaw yesterday from Wrocław, where he received the title of the freeman of the city, awarded to him in May, following the

Mazowiecki: The Real Hero of the Last 20 Years Are the People

wise and just people, but seldom do we meet someone righteous. This righteousness is, I think, your lodestar. You are simply a righteous man'. The laudation's author explained what 'righteousness' means: 'Some drown it in the problematique of jurisdiction, others, worse still, are prepared to confuse

Who and How Celebrated 3 May

'I will do everything I can for the country to follow on the democratic path. For the Polish state to be strong, able to protect the weak, to treat its citizens equally. For honesty to prevail, not cynicism or villainy', president Lech Kaczyński declared at the Royal Castle in Warsaw yesterday. He

Discover Europe step by step

1. First of all, if you fulfill requirements specified in the Rules of the Contest, it means if you are Polish or European student you should sign in on our webpage by filling the application form and choosing an appropriate local stage. 2. Having the application form filled you are allowed to send

Anti-missile Shield: Gov't Stakes Everything on One Card

it's a risk worth taking. Especially that the shield is important for the Americans, and they're in a hurry to complete the talks before President George W. Bush's term ends at the end of this year. If the Polish government wasn't trying to elicit more from Washington, it could be criticised for

Bring Them In: Poles Firmly for Gender Parity

(64 percent of respondents in favour) than in the cities (57 percent). Prof Mirosława Marody, sociologist at Warsaw University: 'This is against sociological science. Modernisation usually begins with well-educated city inhabitants. It is accepted only later by those less well educated or by rural

Diplomoron, or the PiS Language

itself. Until then, it was the PiS that had thrown accusations - at Bartoszewski, for instance, and the other former foreign ministers, that they carried out policy on their knees or on all fours. Now it heard about itself: schizoids, deviants, diplomorons. That is not the way you should speak in

Missile Shield Stuck on Way to Presidential Palace

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was to arrive in Warsaw yesterday, but cancelled her visit because an agreement on the location in Poland of a base for ten US missiles hadn't been reached. Prime Minister Donald Tusk said the US offer wasn't satisfactory enough. The draft of the agreement and

Adam Michnik Goes to Mediate in Georgia

Following thirteen days of diplomatic consultations between Washington, Brussels, Warsaw, and Tbilisi, the idea of Polish mediation in Georgia, which has been torn by a row between President Mikhail Saakashvilli and the opposition, is finally taking shape. Mr Michnik is to oversee the Georgian

Mr Tusk's Energy Pact

sources, the French presidency has guaranteed that there will be time in Brussels for a serious debate on energy security. Poland also hopes that following the Russian invasion of Georgia more countries will start viewing Moscow the way it has long been perceived by Warsaw, Vilnius, or Tallinn. The

Let's Cultivate Normality in Our Relations with Germany

agreement was reached in February. One can hardly expect an idyll in Polish-German relations. It's clear that two important EU member states cannot be of one mind on all issues - we differ not only on the Nord Stream gas pipeline (no agreement is in sight here, even though Warsaw has softened its stance

My Dear Gustaw

Corruption in the Palace of Justice , 'for an actor arriving to Warsaw from the provinces to win such an unanimous recognition from his first performance. Mr Holoubek won everyone over immediately. If an Oscar were awarded in Poland for best theatre acting performance, and if it were up to me, I wouldn't

Warsaw, Kiev: a Common Cause

integration with the EU. In Poland, the Kiev event attracted publicity chiefly because of the media debate on whether Prime Minister Donald Tusk would attend it or not. He has ultimately been replaced by Deputy Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak. Besides him, the Forum will be attended by three former Prime

The True Story of the Bielski Brothers

, who lives in Warsaw. He received us in a room filled with old copies of Nasz Dziennik . Mr Nowicki admitted he had never seen any of the Bielski brothers, nor does he have any proof of their participation in the massacre, and that he learned about their role in it from a certain 'Lova from Nowogrodek