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Michał Kokot, Agata Kondzińska

We ask foreign journalists about the euro-elections in their countries

We ask foreign journalists about the euro-elections in their countries

What are the topics politicians are quarrelling over? And who is succeeding? Which web gems did impress our colleagues the most? We are sending a chain letter through the European media landscape, a "blog baton" for the European election on May 25th.

Weather Forecast for Euro: Chilly

'The President cares nothing about the Polish economy', Zbigniew Chlebowski of the PO says about Lech Kaczyński's opposition to plans for introducing the euro in 2012.

Beautiful Yulia Saving the Euro

The Ukrainian government gets down to work. 'If it's not the "iron Yulia', no one will save the Euro 2012 in Ukraine', Ukrainian officials say about PM Yulia Tymoshenko. 'We support Ukraine', says the Polish minister for sports.

Polish euro entry in 2009/2010 realistic

"Introducing the euro is possible and realistic in 2009 or 2010. It will require strong political decisions about the direction and scale of reforms already today," Kwasniewski told a conference about Poland's national development strategy. Poland's government has an official target of

Niemcy robią sobie zły PR, by odstraszyć imigrantów

Niemcy robią sobie zły PR, by odstraszyć imigrantów

Strona internetowa nazywa się „ Rumors about Germany ” (Plotki o Niemczech). Jest uboga, jeśli chodzi o szatę graficzną, nie ma na niej żadnych animacji ani dużych fotografii. Zaprojektowano ją z myślą o krajach, w których nie ma szybkiego internetu, a efektowne dodatki spowolniłyby jej

[In Poland] We have too low taxes and too low wages - says Mr Marek Belka, The President of The National Bank of Poland

[In Poland] We have too low taxes and too low wages - says Mr Marek Belka, The President of The National Bank of Poland

never build a solid state, because they are too deeply in love with their Greekness. But that is only a trap of determinism. What about Finland? A hundred years ago it was the poorest country of Europe. There was simply hunger there, their contribution to the European civilization was nil. And now

900 europejskich szpitali łączy siły, by lepiej leczyć rzadkie choroby

900 europejskich szpitali łączy siły, by lepiej leczyć rzadkie choroby

(rzadkie choroby nerek), ERN PaedCan  Szpital Uniwersytecki w Krakowie - MetabERN (rzadkie choroby metaboliczne),  ERN-RND (rzadkie choroby neurologiczne)  Centralny Szpital Kliniczny WUM (na Banacha) w Warszawie - ERN EURO-NMD (rzadkie choroby neuromięśniowe) ERN RARE-LIVER (rzadkie choroby

New Warsaw pojedzie jak sportowe bmw [NOWE WIZUALIZACJE]

projekt - w maju 2012 roku udało mu się zbudować nowy model syreny, specjalnie na Euro. O to, żeby nowa warszawa była ekskluzywną limuzyną, zadbają sponsorzy i firmy partnerskie. Inwestorem jest belgijska firma About-s.eu, a sponsorem głównym - Getin Bank. Obecnie lista obejmuje też: E-Prototyp, Lexani

European Music Fair Conference Program 2012

'state of the republic' speech by Prime Minister Donald Tusk did not include a single word related to culture. And, after Poland's recent lackluster performances in the EURO 2012 and Olympics, it has become evident that the government does not invest enough in sports infrastructure. The situation in the

How to Put Wałęsa on the Polish Euro Coin

How to Put Wałęsa on the Polish Euro Coin

Sławomir Skrzypek, the NBP governor, closely tied to the Law and Justice (PiS), refused to mint the Wałęsa coin despite favourable opinions from the central bank's advisory committee. The PO then started thinking about depriving him of the right to decide about the reverses of Polish euro coins

Ich pomysł na biznes? Muzyka dla cząsteczek

Ich pomysł na biznes? Muzyka dla cząsteczek

swoich wynalazkach opowiadać, jak przekonywać do siebie inwestorów. On też musiał się w tym doskonalić: czytał książki o start-upowcach z Doliny Krzemowej (np. "Startup: A silicon valley adventure", The hard thing about hard things", "High tech startup", "Metoda lean startup

Dziennikarze pracują nad yanukovychleaks. Ujawniają dokumenty: szef ochrony i pobicie dziennikarki?

Dziennikarze pracują nad yanukovychleaks. Ujawniają dokumenty: szef ochrony i pobicie dziennikarki?

prezydenckich fakturach, które udało się znaleźć. Jeden z rachunków opiewa na kwotę 12 mln dolarów w gotówce. Inna faktura na 10 mln dolarów. Na zasłony do "sali rycerskiej" poszło 80 tys. euro. 1,1 mln euro poszło na rośliny. 115 tys. dolarów poszło na posąg dzika. Na jednym z dokumentów odnotowana

Staging Europe's Great Debate

addressing urgent problems.The euro crisis threatens the EU's very existence. But it also provides an opportunity to broaden the crucial debate about Europe's future - a debate that will work only in the context of a genuinely European parliamentary democracy.Andre Wilkens, Director of the Mercator Center in

Tusk: No Referendum on Euro

The prime minister met with members of the press in Sopot on the last day of 2008 to sum up the past year of his government and to present plans for the next one. On euro: 'A referendum on euro took place together with the EU accession one.' According to Mr Tusk, formulating the referendum question

The China Investment Challenge

euro weakened recently, Chinese bankers had been buying more euro-denominated assets, no doubt recognizing that, despite the frailty of the eurozone economy, Chinese exporters also need European consumers to keep buying their goods. But the reality is that neither the euro nor the yen is capable of

An Irishman Who Wants to Overturn Lisbon in Poland

An Irishman Who Wants to Overturn Lisbon in Poland

Europe heard about Declan Ganley, a 40-year-old Irish businessman with financial connections with the US, in the spring. His efficient, populist campaign convinced many Irish people. Mr Ganley presented himself as a supporter of European integration, concerned over the EU's deficit of democracy

Warsaw Wants More EU Defence Policy, Sikorski Tells Kouchner

Warsaw Wants More EU Defence Policy, Sikorski Tells Kouchner

predecessor Jacques Chirac's anti-American phobia. Mr Kouchner, as the first foreign minister from abroad ever, delivered a speech to the Polish ambassadors from all over the world convened at an annual meeting with their superior. Mr Kouchner spoke about his vision of the EU's priorities, about how Poland

Will the Government Defend the Zloty?

The franc gained over PLN0.20 and the euro close to PLN0.30 over the last two days alone. The zloty has been weakening more quickly than any other currency in the region. An investors are continuing to reduce their presence at the Warsaw Stock Exchange - the WIG20 blue-chip index lost a massive 7.5

Programme of the "Debate 2.0: Laptop for the first grader?"

registration expected at laptopdlapierwszaka@gazeta.pl 12.00-12.05 Welcome, start of the conference - Jaroslaw Kurski, First Deputy Editor-in-Chief, "Gazeta Wyborcza", Warsaw 12.05-12.25 Why and how do we plan to spend 250 million euro on laptops for pupils - Magdalena Gaj, Deputy Minister

Converted to the EU

eurosceptics in the Episcopate who'd gladly throw the booklet in the waste bin, but even they know that it's worth taking advantage of the opportunity. There are also those who've "converted" to the EU. In fact, what are we talking about if even Father Rydzyk has been vigorously applying for EU

Poland Cannot Afford Council of Europe Membership Fee

Poland Cannot Afford Council of Europe Membership Fee

membership fee, it would be an unspoken, but very strong argument against Cimoszewicz's candidature. 'I know the Foreign Ministry is talking about its budget to finance minister Jacek Rostowski. There will be no embarrassment,' cabinet spokesperson Paweł Graś assured Gazeta yesterday. Only the Foreign

Decolonizing the Franc Zone

perpetual mass capital flight.The CFA franc's fixed exchange rate is pegged to the euro and overvalued in order to shield French companies from euro depreciation. But the currency's overvaluation also underlies the lack of competitiveness that curbs franc-zone countries

Poland Proves Successful in Absorption of EU Funds

Poland Proves Successful in Absorption of EU Funds

, has gone up 78 percent this year. This means that the total awarded to Poland for the years 2007-2013 will suffice for less than was initially planned. 'If capital spending costs rise by just 30 percent, we're talking about an extra 12 billion euro! This money will have to be found somewhere', Janusz

President Kaczyński: In Favour of the Euro, and Even Against It

'In a certain temporal perspective, the path towards the euro is inevitable', said Mr Kaczyński in Wierzchosławice. 'But it doesn't have to end at 2012. I have serious doubts about it. We have to think of those who have no savings whatsoever and for whom the price movement caused by euro

A Europe of Solidarity, Not Only Discipline

The euro crisis, however, has turned the EU into something radically different. Member countries are now divided into two classes - creditors and debtors - with the creditors in charge. As the largest and most creditworthy country, Germany occupies a dominant position. Debtor countries pay

We can`t stop prices

devalation of prices and wages, relative to the other euro-zone countries. That of course can not be easily imitated. But the thing we can learn from Germany is that the labour market can me made more flexible. Here I talk about Chancellor Gerhard Schröder's "Agenda 2010" - his famous package

Sikorski - Yes, Cimoszewicz - No

President Lech Kaczyński, who appeared on the Kawa na ławę show at TVN24, denied German press reports about Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski's slim chances for winning the Nato post. According to those reports, the decision has in fact already been made because Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh

NATO, Parlament Europejski, ONZ szukają stażystów. Ile można zarobić na zagranicznych stażach i jak ich szukać?

dwa rodzaje staży i praktyk. Te bezpłatne trwają 3 miesiące. Te płatne trwają 5 miesięcy - od marca do lipca oraz od października do lutego. Ile można zarobić? Stażysta dostaje stypendium w wysokości około 1000 euro miesięcznie. Dłuższe, nawet kilkunastomiesięczne staże oferują Europejski Bank

PiS Blocking Euro Entry in 2012

joining the euro in 2012,' Sławomir Nowak, the PM's senior political aide, told the press following the meeting. 'Now we now that the PiS is opposed to introducing the euro in Poland at all.' In the morning, Mr Tusk said in a radio interview that the government was not giving up on its plans to introduce

Estonia, How A Former Soviet State Became The Next Silicon Valley

state will be in a position to provide 100mb/second connections to the entire population. The EU objective is to attain this by 2020 when it is expected that no more than about half the total population of the member countries will be using it. Yet in Estonia, "Internet access is considered as a

Robbing the Roma

In fact, the Roma's suffering has increased as a result of the euro crisis, and intolerance has intensified, especially in the countries with the largest Romani populations - Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Greece. Despite the European Commission's call for member

Jarosław Kaczyński, the Economic Expert

As every head of government, Mr Kaczyński boasted in parliament yesterday about his cabinet's achievements and warned the parties preparing to take over against any changes in economic policy, as such changes, in his view, could only be harmful. Politically, the speech made some sense, but as an

Tusk: Hard Graft with the PiS

that all Poles dream about the euro.' He also explained why the PO, unlike the PiS and the President, was firmly opposed to a euro referendum: 'Poles had decided on joining the eurozone by voting yes in the EU accession referendum and the actual introduction date won't be determined by a Polish

10 najważniejszych wydarzeń kulturalnych weekendu. POLECAMY!

wszystkim dobrze i funkcjonalnie zaprojektowany. Przypomina o tym siódma edycja Łódź Design Festival, najważniejszej polskiej imprezy poświęconej projektowaniu użytkowemu, która już rozpoczęła się w Łodzi. Hasło tegorocznej edycji to 'It's all about humanity', czyli 'chodzi o ludzkość'. - Chcemy pokazać

Europe's Last Chance

. The average age of EU citizens will inexorably rise from about 38 now to over 50 by mid-century. That means a far smaller proportion of wage earners will be supporting more and more "inactive" people. Coupled with the competition Europe will face from low-wage but increasingly well-educated

Beware of Smiling Bears

changing the terms of this nascent relationship.In the wake of Russia's apparent departure from democratization during Vladimir Putin's presidency, and of the wars in Chechnya and Georgia, the EU has adopted increasingly cautious language, sounding less optimistic about the prospects of a real partnership

What the French Labour Market's Opening Means for Polish Workers

Today, only about 15,000 Poles work legally in France. An almost insignificant figure, given that France used to be a traditional destination for Polish emigrants and that hundreds of thousands of Poles left the country over the last couple of years in search of work. The reason was France's

Joseph Conrad w wirtualnym piekle

you ought to know how I got out there, what I saw, how I went up that river to the place where I first met the poor chap. It was the farthest point of navigation and the culminating point of my experience. It seemed somehow to throw a kind of light on everything about me – and into my thoughts

Putin nas ograł

Told Moscow about NATO Expansion''] udowadnia, że nie było takich obietnic ani spisanych porozumień, które by USA zawarły ponad naszymi głowami. Po drugie, wiele osób lekceważy to, że Putin był niegdyś w KGB. Niesłusznie, bo tu nie chodzi o samego Putina, tylko o niemal całą elitę polityczną

Trapped at Airport Terminal

Moscow to borrow money for her ticket. He gives her 70 euro and tells her to wait at the airport. Elizabeth waits for two days. She runs out of money, and Gassan Ali is not coming back. The Nigerian goes to the immigration officers. The Russians check the passenger lists, but Elizabeth's name isn't there

Crisis Reaches Retail Sector

cabinets, movement detectors to control the lights, and so on. And yet we are still paying huge money for electricity. What are you going to do about this? We're trying to get the decision makers interested in the issue. Trade organisations and industry representatives are showing the effects of such a

Rozbijcie tę skorupę

integratorem jest sam rynek. To, rzecz jasna, po części prawda. Sami odczuwamy to w Polsce, zwłaszcza gdy płyną do nas miliardy unijnych euro po to, by wspomóc powstawanie jednolitego europejskiego rynku, i gdy międzynarodowe inwestycje tworzą miejsca pracy. Ale jest też ciemniejsza strona dominacji rynku nad

Still Got The Blues

, then let's keep dancing CZĘŚĆ MÓWIONA: I know what you must be saying to yourselves, if that's the way she feels about it why doesn't she just end it all? Oh, no, not me. I'm in no hurry for that final disappointment,for I know just as well as I'm standing here talking to you, When that final moment

Y-Meni czekają na szkołę

uniwersytetów - lecz na rynku pracy przypominają bezpańską armię, z którą po wygasłej wojnie nie wiadomo, co zrobić. W książce ''Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us'' (Napęd: zaskakująca prawda o tym, co nas motywuje) Daniel Pink, były współpracownik wiceprezydenta USA Ala Gore'a, uznany za

Wspólne oświadczenie prezydenta Rosji i prezydenta USA

about the causes and sequence of the military actions of last August, we agreed that we must continue efforts toward a peaceful and lasting solution to the unstable situation today. Bearing in mind that significant differences remain between us, we nonetheless stress the importance of last years six

Gazeta Wyborcza

prominent member of democratic opposition in the 60-80's. The first issue of "Gazeta Wyborcza" had 8 pages and sold 150 thousand copies. Currently, "Gazeta's" paid circulation is about 306* thousand copies a day* and is read weekly by 4 mln people** in the whole country. Everyday an

Mój tata, więzień Putina

bzdurę. Amen. 26-letni Paweł Chodorkowski, najstarszy syn Michaiła Chodorkowskiego, do Polski przyjechał z dokumentem Cyrila Tuschiego o swoim ojcu. Film "Chodorkowski"wywołał gorące dyskusje podczas tegorocznego Berlinale i festiwalu Planete Doc, był także filmem otwarcia All About Freedom

Another Competence Dispute Breaks Out Between Cabinet and President

conference was that of border crossing points and passport controls of fans going from Poland to Ukraine, which is outside the Schengen zone. Why has he been forbidden to go? 'Because neither we nor the Foreign Ministry know anything about this conference', said Interior Ministry spokesperson Wioletta

The Eurozone's Agenda in 2013

, struggling countries can boost exports, thereby reducing their current-account deficits. But, in the case of the euro crisis, price stickiness caused inflation to increase more in debtor countries than in creditor countries, making adjustment even more painful.In this context, Van Rompuy's report is crucial

More Leadership for More Europe

coordination among the member states.With the euro's introduction boosting intra-European trade and lowering inflation in many member states, fiscal obligations were simply ignored. The euro quickly became the world's second most important currency, and it proved to be a shield against external financial

Wypaleni, czyli samotność po szwedzku

Maslach z University of California w Berkeley. W 1997 roku wydała wspólnie z Michaelem Leiterem książkę "The Truth about Burnout" (Prawda o wypaleniu). Dawniej do internisty przychodziła kobieta i skarżyła się na dokuczliwy ból w ramionach. Lekarz badał ją, nie zawsze uważnie, i mówił: kości i

Europe's Eyes on the Prize

among Europe's nations that enables adaptation of policies and institutions to tackle problems as they arise - and to tackle them together.There is much that is wrong with Europe, and much will need to change to solve the problems of the euro. But if we recall the problems that Europe faced in the 1950

Ziobro Would Call and Say 'Do This Job For Me"

class. A trip for seven people to the Middle East cost the ABW 45,000 zlotys in flight tickets alone, plus 1,000 euro, because, during a change in Vienna, Święczkowski refused to be tested for explosives and to avoid the test, he had to be placed in the VIP lounge, which cost just that'. translated by

It's the Euro, Stupid!

minute, they didn't come here to ask for money,' said Mr Tusk. And he appealed to talk in the same way about the whole country's situation. Among his priorities he mentioned protecting the lowest-income groups: upholding the planned pension rises, continuing the food aid programmes for children

Can the Crisis Be Pegged Down with Public Spending?

offering state aid to industry. To this day no government programme has been drawn up of support for the automotive industry, even though three major manufacturing plants are located in Poland. No one is speaking about subsidies for steel plants either, even though they have downsizing output and cutting